Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cal Daniel Gilster

I started this post a couple of weeks after Cal was born, but never got around to posting it! So, here it is almost 3 months after Cal's birth :)


Our greatest blessing and beautiful miracle baby was born! Cal Daniel Gilster, born on 1.11.17 at 8:15am, weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces, and measuring 20 inches long.

Words can't describe how much Daniel and I love our little angel, Cal. Before I forget all of the details, I wanted to quickly type out Cal's birth story.

On January 10th I had my final appointment at Utah Valley Hospital with Helen Feltovich, my Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor.  We LOVE Helen and are so grateful we had her to watch and monitor Cal throughout my pregnancy.  Up until then all of my ultrasounds had been normal.  Since we knew there was a chance Cal would be born with an unbalanced translocation, Helen looked at everything very, very closely each time we saw her.  We never saw any abnormalities with any of his major organs, or any physical features that were worrisome.  However, at this appointment on January 10th, the ultrasound tech thought she saw something abnormal with Cal's heart. 

Helen came in and took a look, but did not seem too worried.  She called up the pediatric cardiologist at Primary Children's hospital in Salt Lake, just to be sure.  He took a look at the ultrasound images, and did not see anything that should worry us.  Well...guess what? I was still worried.

I started panicking a little and could not control my emotions (hormones).  I broke down in tears.  Helen asked me what was wrong and I told her how I was feeling.  She told me she thought we just needed to get this baby here so we could see him and just know.  She asked me if I wanted to be induced...like right then, that day! She also said she wanted me to deliver at Utah Valley instead of American Fork, which is where my OB delivers. 

I was a little surprised by that, and didn't feel ready (bags were only partially packed, I had come from the gym and hadn't showered, and I wanted my parents there).  I asked if I could come back and be induced on Monday instead (to give my parents time to get there and so that I could finish out that week at work - this was on a Tuesday, so I wanted to wait until the following Monday).  She said that would be fine, but wanted to do a pelvic exam.

Well, I was dilated to a 4 and 100% effaced when she checked me.  She said Cal's head was so low she could feel it, and as soon as she checked me I started bleeding. She said I may not have the option to wait until Monday because I might already be going in to labor!

She sent me up to labor and delivery so they could monitor me for an hour...which turned in to three hours.  By then I was dilated to a 5 and they told me I was in active labor and that I wouldn't be going home that night. 

It all happened so fast, I couldn't believe it.  I was 37 weeks, so not super early, but I just thought I would go past my due date, if anything, since Paige went a week past her due date with MJ.

I begged my nurses to let me at least go home and shower (came from the gym and did NOT look cute). They said I couldn't leave, but Daniel ran home to get all my stuff and they let me shower in my hospital room bathroom, but said I had to be quick.

While I was in the shower I started feeling the contractions a little more. As soon as I got out and back in my robe they wanted me to get back in bed so they could monitor me and the baby.  Luckily Sid came to the rescue and blow dried my hair for me :)

Once I was dilated to a 6 I could really feel the contractions.  It wasn't unbearable, but I wanted the epidural before I got to that point.  The anesthesiologist came and gave me my epidural (which was a piece of cake).  It kicked in almost immediately and I felt great! Except I hated that I couldn't lift my legs. It just freaked me out.  They felt like 100 pound weights.

At about 9:00pm my doctor came by.  It was a doctor I had never met since my OB didn't deliver at that hospital, but once he said his name it sounded so familiar.  I texted my friend and asked if that was her doctor because I thought I remembered her telling me his name.  She said it was and that she looooved him.  I was so relieved and happy that I got a good doctor.  He ended up being so great!

Anyways, he came by and introduced himself and checked on me.  Sid, Morgan, Paige and Daniel were all in my room with me.  Sid asked if he thought the baby would come before the morning, and he said since it was my first baby, probably not.  They all wanted to stay, but I told them to go home and sleep and that I would call them when I got closer.

Daniel slept on the couch/bed in my room with me, and actually got a really good night's sleep! In fact, a couple times I would try getting his attention if I needed more ice chips or something (lol) and he wouldn't budge. I'm glad he was able to sleep though because it ended up being a long night! I hardly slept at all :( Also I was starving because I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast! Once they sent me upstairs to be monitored they wouldn't let me eat anything.

At about 6am the nurses had their shift change and we were introduced to the new nurse.  She checked me and by then I was basically dilated to a 10.  It was almost time to start pushing!

I called my sisters and they came back over.  They held my legs while I pushed.  Daniel had his go pro set up on the shelf behind my bed and got some classic footage of Paige and Sidney pushing so hard against my legs while I pushed.  Idk why they thought they had to push against my legs, but later the doctor came in and told them they just needed to hold my legs...not push against them.  he said I may be a little sore from that later on...we had a good laugh.  The pushing didn't last super long, but I did end up getting sick and was throwing up.  They gave me a bag to throw up in.  Not cute. 

Cal was born at 8:15am. Because we knew there was a chance he might have some chromosomal things going on, and no one really knew what that meant, there were NICU doctors and nurses in the room ready for anything. I heard his sweet little cry once, but then he wasn't breathing on his own and the doctors started working on him right away. 

I was honestly pretty out of it at that point.  I was happy I heard Cal cry, so I just figured everything was fine, and Daniel kept going back and forth between my bedside and Cal and telling me he was fine.  I could see Paige and Sidney's faces.  They kept saying how cute he was, but I could see worry on their faces too.

The doctors handed Cal to me and I held him for about 10 seconds then they wisped him away.  

puffy cheeks from all the emotions (lots of tears, this was right after we had found out about Cal's heart abnormalities and they told us there was a change he would need surgery). this was in my recovery room downstairs.

Cal spent about 8 weeks in the NICU. I kept a journal while he was there to remember the details.  I'll save that blog post for another time.

He's home now and we are enjoying every second spent with him.  We feel so lucky he's ours and never imagined it was possible to love someone so much!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Can't Wait to Meet You!

We are getting so close! I'm currently 37 weeks and SO ready to meet baby Gilster.  We have pretty much everything ready and think we have his name picked out, but we'll wait until we see him to know for sure :)

I had an appointment this week, and was dilated to THREE CENTIMETERS and was 90% effaced.  The week before I was only dilated 1cm and my doctor said usually 1/2 a cm each week is normal.  He was surprised to see I had dilated another 2 within a week! I think it's all the tennis I played with my family while they were up here.  I was having a ton of contractions afterwards. My doctor said he doesn't think I'll make it to my due date, which I would be totally fine with :)

Baby's room is all ready for him and last night we set up his bassinet where he'll sleep for the first few months.  We'll move it next to our bed but for now it looks cute waiting for him in the corner of our room :)

My favorite room in the house!

Here's a few bump pics from this last week and then I'll share some pictures from Christmas...

Trying on the lulu joggers Daniel got me for my birthday...

 One of my hospital robes from Pink Blush!

Me at the movies last night with my giant popcorn and drink.  Daniel LOVES capturing pictures of me with my food.  He says it's when I'm my happiest LOL

And as we were leaving, I didn't think I could still zip this jacket but...I got it! SUPER attractive 

New Years Eve in Deer Valley.  This was a special one for us.  One of the best years yet!

Aaaaand sorry this post is a little out of order, but here's a little Christmas recap...

On our flight to San Diego...love these moments and can't wait to share them with my little guy <3

 Doing a little Christmas shopping with MJ.  he loves soft and cozy things...I wanted to get this for him but it was $100. Thanks Nordy's...

Christmas Eve in our traditional matching PJ's

Cutest boy on Christmas morning! It was SO fun spending Christmas with MJ.  Next year will be even better with him AND his cousin who will be exactly MJ's age now! They'll be almost exactly a year apart. 

And finally...we sent my brothers off to the MTC where they'll spend 6 weeks before heading to Argentina on their missions! I made a blog for them like I did for Sidney where I'll post all of their emails.  They are doing great! Twinsinargentina.blogspot.com

Next time I post it will probably be about baby Gilster's arrival! Can't wait to meet you buddy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

Since I am currently almost in to the 3rd trimester, I wanted to share a fun little update about my pregnancy as of late!

How Far Along: 25 and a half weeks!

Weight Gain/Loss: +20lbs (definitely never lost any weight lol)

Sleep: Pretty much fall asleep immediately after I get in bed.  I can no longer hang for a movie in bed like I used to all the time with Dan. Also, I wake up to pee at least once every night which I never used to do.

Best Moment This Week: Daniel getting to feel the baby KICK! I have tried to get him to feel the baby so many times but every time he tries the baby stops...I always felt bad but last night he was finally able to feel a couple big kicks and seeing his face was the best!

Movement: Lots of kicks and moving around

Food Cravings/Aversions: No aversions. No cravings.  I think pregnancy cravings are a myth.  Yes, I love myself a blizzard from the DQ lounge...but I did before pregnancy too ;)

What I Miss: Running! I ran my half marathon at 20 weeks then took a couple of weeks off from running.  A week or so ago I tried to go on a run with Daniel and after a mile I was DONE. I started cramping and just felt too pregnant to be running. 

Stretch Marks: Nope. I haven't been doing anything except lotion-ing up like I always do. 

Belly Button: It's starting to turn in to an outtie! So weird looking right now...

Mood: HAPPY! Nervous. Anxious. I couldn't be more grateful to be carrying this little boy, but so worried about him being healthy.  On one end I am so content with whatever the Lord has planned for Daniel and I and am prepared for the worst, but not knowing also gives me anxiety.  

Upcoming Appointments/Events: We had an appointment with the maternal fetal medicine doctor yesterday and got to see our little guy.  He is getting BIG. In 2 weeks I go in to do the glucose test and get my rhogam shot then have a followup with my OBGYN. 

What I look forward to: The holidays! I think they are going to make the last trimester fly by, and then I'll look forward to meeting our baby boy!

Workout Routine: I started going to a workout group that Sidney's BYU track coach is doing.  It is SUCH a good workout. I am sore every time.  It's so nice having a group to workout with and Sid's coach is so awesome.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Remember Me??

Hi! Remember me??! 

I can't believe I haven't shared ANY updates since Hawaii OR since we've moved in to our house!

A lot has happened.  I don't know where to start.

We LOVE our house first off! We love having our own place, LOVE our neighborhood and neighbors, love love LOVE our amazing view, and love our basement renters ;)  

We've done lots of projects since moving in, and our biggest project was finishing our basement so that Morgan and Sidney could move in.  They're renting from us and it's been working out great so far.  They have their own entrance, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and washer/dryer.  They have it pretty hard living in our golf course view "basement" ;)

Officially home owners!
The kitchen! We changed out the lighting and put in the backsplash - two of our first home projects!

Dante's pathway he designed and installed 100% by himself.  It goes down to our back patio where he also installed a gas fireplace and seating bench. He's the best. 

The mudroom bench we added in when you enter through the garage.

Current house project:

Yes. I'm pregnant!  I'm almost 23 weeks and so excited.  Here's a little update on my pregnancy situation: http://www.saltyblondes.com/2016/09/regans-journey-continued.html

This hasn't been your typical pregnancy, but I am trying to just enjoy every minute of it, and trust Heavenly Father.  I have surprisingly been so calm about the whole situation, and have been able to be at peace with whatever happens.  And I already love our little boy so much!

Daniel loves seeing my belly start to pop.  He also loves kissing and listening to the baby <3

This is a hideous picture of me...but I had to share.  At my first ultrasound appointment at probably 7 weeks, Daniel met me there and had donuts waiting in the car for afterwards. Just in case we got bad news (because that's happened before...). But instead we celebrated with donuts because we got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat and see that he was growing.

The day I "graduated" from the Utah Fertility Center. 9 weeks along!

10 weeks...my first appointment with my Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr.

Bumpin at 15 weeks!
18 weeks!

My pregnancy has been pretty easy so far.  I never really got sick (I didn't with my other pregnancies either and my mom and Paige also never got sick), and I've been able to work out my entire pregnancy.  I even trained for and ran a half marathon!  I took it pretty slow, but I ran the whole time and finished.  That's all that matters, right?? ;)

20 weeks exactly - the bump is hidden :)

Don't be fooled though.  I've gained a solid 15 pounds and I'm definitely feeling it. 

I can't think of anything else new right now, but I will update again soon!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Aloha, Aloha

Daniel and I went to Hawaii last week, and I wanted to make sure I documented it. The timing wasn't the greatest with having JUST moved in to our new house, and financially it probably wasn't the best thing for us either (oops), but it was an unforgettable trip and much needed vacation! We booked it back in January right after we found out about my last miscarriage. We needed a break from everything and after looking at flights, the 2nd week of May was the cheapest time to go! We had enough credit card points to pay for our flights, and the first 3 nights we stayed with Beau & Alexis in Waikiki on Oahu. So we were actually able to do it pretty cheap. Then we went to Maui and stayed at the Grand Wailea because we found a really sweet deal there through Costco! That resort is UNREAL. I stayed there with my sisters and grandparents when I was younger, but it's even better now with tons of water slides (Daniel and I spent our last half day there snorkeling early in the morning, then hanging at all the pools, lazy river, and hitting all the slides!), amazing views, and beach with soft white sand. 

Now, ready for picture overload?

The first 3 days of our trip were spent in Oahu hanging out with Beau & Alexis, and this little guy! Beau & Alexis were so sweet, and the best hosts! When we got in late Friday night, we got to their little apartment and they insisted on us staying in their room with their king bed. They said they had just changed the sheets for us, and that they were going to sleep in their tiny little living room on an air mattress. We were totally expecting to be crashing on their couch or floor or wherever, but they wouldn't let us. Just the nicest. 

The next morning we went on a cool hike up to this lighthouse that had a gorgeous view!

Then we went to this beach called Sandy's where there are some pretty crazy waves and people body surfing and just getting demolished by the waves. It was fun (and scary!) to watch. 

Beau & Alexis showed us all the best spots, and places to eat. Actually, one of the places we went to eat was Cheesecake factory (not mad, lol). The one in Waikiki is the busiest in the world! Kind of crazy. But they have a bunch of stuff on the menu that most Cheesecake Factory's don't have. Beau got the chicken katsu, which is a famous Hawaiian dish and it was SO GOOD. 

We also ate lots of shaved ice. Like at least once a day. Whoops!

On Sunday we went to church with Beau & Alexis (and got to witness Beau in his "lava lava"), then went and explored the North Shore and Laie. It's so pretty on that side of the island, and so much different and more relaxed than Waikiki!

Alexis took me to her favorite place to get acas bowls. SO GOOD. I have to say though, Ivie here in Utah does a pretty good job of making theirs taste authentic! 

We also checked out the Hawaii LDS temple. So pretty!

On our last day there Beau had to take a couple of finals, so he let us take his car (he lives seconds from the U of H campus so he just walks) and we did a little exploring on our own. We woke up early and toured Pearl Harbor, which was actually really cool. Daniel loved it.

 Then we actually went back to Sandy's and Daniel did some body surfing (kind of - it was a little sketchy out there). We went and got malasadas at Leonard's (a must - we got them twice when we were there, haha). Then met back up with Beau & Alexis and headed to Ko'Olina. Our good family friend who we grew up with works at the Marriott resort there and hooked us up with a couple of cabanas, free shave ice, whatever we wanted! The resort was beautiful. 

We left late that night and headed for Maui.

Okay...so we loved Maui! Oahu was really fun, and we loved hanging with Beau & Alexis, but Maui was just a whole other experience and we LOVED the relaxed, less-touristy, romantic feels in Maui. 

Our resort was A-MAZING. I talked about it earlier, but to show you what I mean, here's a picture of the ocean view from our room, and then our breakfast view our first morning there (heart eyes heart eyes). 

We checked out Big Beach, which is a beach Daniel remembered going to when he went to Maui with his football team. He spent a good hour or longer body surfing and just loving life, haha. I enjoyed laying on the beach ;)

Then it rained on us, so we thought it would be a good day to do the road to Hana, since we had a rental car. We quickly regretted it, but we will admit the drive was pretty. Just longgg. 

One thing we did that we LOVED was rented scooters. We drove along Wailea where we were staying, and through Makenna, along the ocean stopping at a couple gorgeous little coves.

We spent one day exploring Lahaina. 

(Daniel & his love for trees ;)

We went to Kimo's there which was delish! I stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered fish! I figured if I'm going to eat fish, Hawaii is the place to do it. And I liked it! I got parmesan crusted mahi mahi at Kimo's and we shared the hula pie - a must! The sunset at Kimo's and the view from our table was perfection. 

Okay...speaking of good food....we ate at some UNREAL places on Maui. 

Breakfast at the Four Seasons. Honestly the best pancakes I've ever had!!

 Lappet's ice cream - right by our hotel. We went two nights in a row. So bad yet so freaking good.

lemonade & Acai Bowls at Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade. Cutest place and so yum.

 Duke's for breakfast.

 And Mama's Fish House!!! Now, I had heard about this place, and knew I wanted to go there. When we got there we realized it was priceyyyy. Like my plate was $56. I ordered fish again, and Daniel said I better pray I love it after spending that much to go there. haha. We both agreed that it was one of the top 5 meals we've ever had. Not exaggerating. I got the stuffed mahi mahi, stuffed with crab and lobster, and Daniel got steak but he wished he had gotten what I had! 

We went to Ho'Okipa beach after Mama's, which was right by there and saw a ton of sea turtles hanging out on the beach. Coolest thing. 

Our last day was spent snorkeling and hanging at the resort hitting all the slides and drinking lava flows. 

We were sad to leave. But will hopefully be back soon!