Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My hero

This week  my family got the news that my mom, my hero, best friend, and role model, has cancer. 

I never imagined what it would be like to have someone this close to me experience this.  I've always known cancer sucks, and that it takes the lives of so many.  My grandma had breast cancer when she was around my mom's age, but I was too young to remember her going through it.  A friend of ours had breast cancer, and I remember feeling devastated for her.  My little niece Shayn had a Wilms tumor and went through chemotherapy at 8 months old, and I remember feeling helpless, and, now that I'm a mother, looking back I can't even imagine what Shayn's mom felt like (but I have a pretty good idea if she felt anything like how I felt during the first two months of Cal's life).  A good friend of mine's 2-year-old son is in remission from leukemia and is still doing chemotherapy and I pray for their little family all the time.  Seeing the strength of my friend and her husband through social media (they live in Virginia now) has been incredible. 

But still, now knowing my MOM has cancer. It just feels different and much more real. The outcome for my mom is looking positive.  It is stage 3 cancer because it is in her lymph nodes, but it was caught early enough that her doctors think they can wipe it out with chemotherapy over the next 6 months.  A large polyp along with 14 inches of her colon were removed last week, and within that was where they found the cancerous lymph nodes. No other tumors have been found or signs that the cancer has spread to any of her other organs.  

I'm so proud of my mom.  I know she doesn't want any of this.  I mean, nobody would.  But when she first found out about the polyp in her colon, she said right off the bat that if it was cancer she was prepared to die and wasn't going to treat it.  But now that it's real I think she realizes how many people need her on this earth (ME).  I need her more than she will ever know! Although yesterday she joked that she did take a close look at the hospital balcony (to jump off...not funny mom).

My mom is my person.  I go to her for everything.  I drive my husband crazy because of how much I share with my mom and my need to call her multiple times a day.  But I've never cared, I always do it anyways.  And I always will! She inspires me to be a better person.  My perfectionism and OCD I KNOW is in part due to my true desire to make my mom proud of me. 

Daniel calls me TJ for "Tori Junior" and my sisters make fun of how similar I am to my mom.  I secretly love it because if I am even half the person my mom is, then, in my opinion, I'm doing something right. 

I love you so much mom and am going to support you in every way possible over these next 6 months.  I know you're going to get through this, and, if it's even possible for you to be any better than you already are, come out of all this even stronger and more amazing. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Thanksgiving in Oahu!

Another post I started writing a few months ago that I just got around to posting!


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Oahu! My sisters have worked out with their in-laws and my parents to switch off Christmas and Thanksgiving each year.  This year was my family's turn for Thanksgiving with everyone, and since Morgan was playing in a BYU football game at the U of Hawaii, it was the perfect excuse to all go over there and spend Thanksgiving on the beach :)

I was a little nervous to take Cal on such a long flight, and was worried this vacation would totally screw up his schedule and eating routines, but he did great and we had such a fun time! I've said this before, but I just love how much fun my family all has together.  We all get along so well which I love (aside from the occasional sister fights that usually have to do with our blog - rolling my eyes rn).

(best little guy on the flight!) Daniel, Sidney and I flew from SLC to Honolulu together.  United switched our connecting flight in LA to a later time because they didn't think we'd make it in time.  We ran to the other end of the terminal when we got to LA and they got us on the earlier flight but none of us got to sit together! It was a huge plane - 3 seats, isle, 5 seats, isle, 3 seats, and totally full! We kept getting up and walking around and we found a corner on the ground near the bathrooms (so gross) where we were sitting together and eating snacks, and Sidney laid down and fell asleep there at one point, haha. So surprised they let us do that.

We stayed two nights in Waikiki at this super cute Marriott that was recently renovated, called the Laylow Waikiki.  The rooms were all decorated so cute and modern, and every wall and corner throughout the hotel was picture worthy.

Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail hike with the family. Cal slept the whole time in his stroller. 

Waikiki Beach! 

Headed to our Thanksgiving dinner. 

cutest bathroom at the restaurant

My mom and her "Callister"

Our first night moving over to the Ko'Olina Marriott Beach Resort.  First thing we did was hit the hot tub!

At the four seasons for brunch.  No better breakfast!

Love love love when Cal snuggles and peeks over your shoulder.

100th acai bowl.

At the beach where we swam with wild dolphins!

My hair lol

Poor Cal buddy still isn't a fan of the water :(

So thankful for all the memories made here with my incredible family! Grateful for all of them and my dad for planning the whole trip!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cabo...Six Years Married

Hello, and yes, I'm alive! I'll be honest, I don't plan on updating this blog very often.  The honest truth is that I'm just too busy and can't keep up with posting here and on Salty Blondes.  HOWEVER, I need somewhere to post all of my pictures and I do love looking back at fun memories, so I'm writing up a quick recap of mine and Daniel's 6th anniversary trip last week. 

We planned it pretty last minute and found a killer deal through Costco Travel.  We probably wouldn't have taken a trip this year with everything going on with Cal...but when my mom offered to watch him while we took a vacation, we didn't hesitate and immediately began scheming.

Cabo was perfect because it was only a two hour flight from San Diego so I felt like I was still super close to Cal if I needed to jump back on a plane and get to him (I knew that wouldn't happen, but it was good for my sanity to know that was an option).

Cal LOVES my parents.  We drove down there with a full day to get him settled at their house before we left for Cabo.  He was super happy and I knew they'd take god care of him.  

Cabo was perfection.  Just the getaway we needed.  It was super hot, but our resort was beautiful and hanging at the pool and beach all day was amazing.  I literally did not have my hand empty of a pina colada the entire time we were at the resort.  And I refuse to weigh myself until I've given myself a week of being back to normal eating, haha.

I posted most of the details of what we did on Salty Blondes, so this is mostly going to just be more pictures :)

It was so good for us to get away together.  We have so much fun when it's just the two of us, and I just feel refreshed and recharged after spending some much needed one on one time together.  

Cal has made our lives so much more fun and we love every minute with him, but I know it's also so important to make sure we keep our marriage strong and take care of each other too.  

This trip felt like a honeymoon (only with more facetime and looking through baby pictures and talking about Cal and how much we love him 80% of the time ;). 

Our snorkel tour was a lot of fun.  We debated whether we wanted to leave the resort at all, but are so glad we did this. It was only us and one other couple, and two tour guides who followed us around and took our pictures, then made us a CD with all the photos at the end.  I am the WORST at holding my breath and our guide kept telling me to swim down but I could literally only stay under for like 5 seconds at a I'm surprised he got any pictures of us underwater, haha.

Funny little story about the sea urchin I'm holding.  The little Mexican guide swam pretty far down and picked it up and handed it to Daniel first, then me.  I got a quick picture with it then started getting freaked out that it was suctioning to my hand.  I shook it off and let it fall back to towards the bottom, and the guide swam back down and got it again.  We were dying laughing. 

Lover's Beach with my LOVER FOR LIFE ^^^^

The waves at the resort were huge.  The beach was not swimmable, but Daniel, of course, had to go in at least once.  He ran in and went under really quick in between waves and tried not to get sucked out. He's such a babe (heart eyes forever).

 Barefoot Grill at our resort was dangerous.  Homemade tortillas and the best chicken quesadillas + chips & guac.  We ordered at least two of these a day.

Las tacos in Cabo San Lucas...

Cabo had the prettiest sunsets every night.

Flora Farms was incredible.  We made a reservation there for dinner our last night. We shared a cab with a couple we met at our resort and ended up eating with them. Good food and it's always fun (and makes for funny stories) getting to know new people.

Cal loved his souvenirs we brought him home. Being reunited with him was the best!!

We finished out the week and weekend in San Diego.  Happy six years to my favorite person in the world! I love you!

P.S. I haven't posted a Cal update...I will if I can find the time.  I made an instagram where I post TONS of updates so that's my Cal journal for now.