Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yes, I've decided to start a blog. I've always thought that the whole "start a blog when you get married" thing wasn't for me, but I've realized that I really should be keeping a journal of mine and Daniel's life together as a new married couple. Since I know that I will never really take the time to write in my journal, I've decided to take advantage of today's technology and keep an "online journal", aka, a blog. I probably won't post it on facebook or anything, like many people do. It's just going to be personal for me and Daniel and our future family to be able to look back at.

Daniel and I got married on August 18 of 2011 (almost 3 months ago!!!). We had been planning to move into a tiny little one bedroom one bathroom (one teeny tiny bathroom) apartment. We were excited about it, even though it was small and only had coin operated on-site laundry (the one big downfall). About a week before our wedding, my uncle, who was in town for the wedding, told us that his company (property management company) was looking for a married couple to manage one of their complexes! He said we would need to send in our resumes to the owner and schedule an interview with him and that if we got the job, we would get free rent and utilities for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment WITH a washer and dryer in the unit (that's my favorite part). It was an awesome opportunity for us not only because of the way upgraded apartment, but also because of the money we would save on rent and the management position we would be able to add to our resumes. We only had one problem: our wedding was in one week and we weren't going to be getting back from our honeymoon until the weekend before school started. Ontop of that, we would have to sell our contract at the origional complex within that small time frame. Long story short, we worked it all out. We sold our contract, got most of our security deposit back, and got the job :-). We love our apartment and are so blessed that it worked out for us. Here are some pictures of our first home together:

We got our all our furnature at World Market, including this chair that Daniel just had to have

 This is our bedroom. The bedrooms are pretty small but hey, there are four of them! Also, don't mind the bare walls. That was when we had just moved in.
About two weeks ago we got BRAND NEW carpet which was another huge blessing. So by looking at the pictures above, you can see our carpet before and after. The old carpet was pretty bad. Not sure if you can tell from the picture.
 And our newest addition...the lamp!
 We <3 our new apartment!!!