Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated bedroom

So in my first blog update I posted pictures of our sweet little humble abode. Back then our bedroom walls were pretty bare...and the ugly plain white curtains made out of cardboard (basically) didn't help. Ya. But now I can actually be excited to show off our little (real little) bedroom. We added a shelf with some cute accents and switched out the cardboard curtains for some cute ones! Our curtains are actually shower curtains hanging with shower hooks . Good idea, right?! Cough cough thanks mom ;-). The new and improved Gilster bedroom:

Isn't the "G" adorbs?? My grandmother gave it to me as a Christmas gift. She made it with both of my great-grandmothers' antique jewelry.

Sadly, I don't own this lamp. But one day I will ;-)

P.s. I'm painting soon! More pictures to come.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend fun...

My three favorite people to be around: Hubsters, Nelli, and Rio. You could say I'm obsessed with the two youngsters, and Hubby...well I just love him more than life :-). This last weekend was a blast. My Reilly grandparents came up and so did Russ and Kris and, at the last minute, my dad decided to come too! My dad stayed in our guest bedroom. We spent most of the weekend up in Salt Lake with the littles as our entertainment. I seriously can't get enough of those kids. Can't wait to have a few of my own (don't worry mom, I promise I'll wait a few more years!). It was so fun having everyone here. It's too bad mom, Sid and the boys couldn't have come too!


Valentines Day the Gilster way!

Cheesy title? Don't even care. Since Valentine's Day was so close to our 6 month anniversary, we decided to kill two birds with one stone. Okay, that sounds a tiny bit negative...we had a good time, I prom! Hubby didn't seem to think that we should make a big deal out of our "6 month anniversary"...even though I told him it would only be for our first year of marriage that we celebrate 6 months. He isn't the type that goes all out to celebrate things like that so I didn't go into shock or anything when he didn't bring me home a Tiffany's necklace and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Although, I think I would have enjoyed that too ;-) He did, however, surprise me with flowers and take me to a delicious dinner! He also reserved a tennis court for later that night at the indoor facility. Sadly, I don't think I was able to burn even close to the amount of calories I consumed that night after an hour of tennis. What's the fun in that though right??! I would say it was a successful Valentine's Day!

These actually aren't my Valentines Day flowers. These are flowers Hubby brought home a couple weeks earlier just because <3