Monday, July 30, 2012

So Thankful...

I had the coolest experience today...
Today after teaching swim lessons, I decided to make a trip to Target (favorite place!). I needed, yes, needed a few items that I have been missing lately like my favorite scent of Caldrea countertop spray. Love that stuff so much.
ANYWAY...we all know it's basically impossible to go into Target for just one or two items and come out with just those one or two items. I didn't even grab a cart this time, thinking I would actually be able to get only the things I went in for, which I easily would have been able to hold without a cart.
After about 10, minutes my hands were full of things including two bathing suits, three dresses, a sports bra, a workout tank, my Caldrea spray, and measuring spoons and I was making my way to the dressing room.
Well the lady wouldn't let me bring my non-clothing items in so I had to leave them on the counter...the counter that was overflowing with "no thanks" clothes that had been dumped by customers. My OCD self was a little uneasy about leaving my precious goods on that counter BUT...I sufficed.
I finally went to check out (only bought three things thank you very much!) and started heading to the car. As I went to reach for my keys in my purse they were no where to be found. I immediately began to panic because...well...let's just say this rarely happens to me.
As I went back and traced my steps I thought for sure I must have had it in my hand when I had to leave my non-clothing items on that pigsty of a counter at the dressing rooms and accidentally set it down with the other things.
When I went to ask the lady (who was sitting down just watching the pile up of clothes get bigger...and bigger...and BIGGER) if she had seen my key or if I could look through those unwanted clothes and try to find my little black beauty of a jetta key and she was SO RUDE to me and basically just shewed me off. She told me that if it had been there, she would have seen it or that maybe I had left it in the dressing room and someone turned it in to customer service. So I made my way up to customer service, almost in tears at this point. No luck.
So I walked back out to my car and retraced my steps from the beginning. I swear I looked under every clothing rack I was near and probably said about 20 prayers pleading with Heavenly Father to help me find that key. By this point I was really almost in tears (eyes watering for sure) and about ready to give up.
I felt like I should go back through that Super Target one last time and retrace those steps before calling my sweet Daniel and bursting out into tears. The FIRST place that I looked (which I kid you not I had checked thoroughly at least 3 times previously) I found that little key.
I don't know if a little kid picked it up off the floor and dropped it back by one of the bathing suit racks I happened to be shopping by or if I am just going blind but I'm pretty sure it was a miracle from my Father in Heaven. I felt so blessed and by this point was definitely in tears. After saying about one hundred prayers of thanks I called Daniel right away and told him how happy I was that I lost and found my key. Feeling so thankful for prayer, my Heavenly Father, my faith in Him and His love for me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love Giveaways!

I don't usually enter contests to win "giveaways" but since in this one there are 100 winners, I think the odds might actually be in my favor.

...We'll see. One of the entries to win was to post the link to the giveaway on your Facebook, blog, or Instagram. So here I am, posting it on my ever-so-popular blog that me, my mom, my grandmother and anyone who searches "Gilster Landscaping" in Goggle Images reads.


Crossing my fingers...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family Vacation

Let me just say...
that I have the best dad (and mom!) in the world!
About three weeks ago Daniel and I got to fly out to VC to see our two lovely sisters graduate from high school and then my family headed to Huntington Beach...aka...Heaven on Earth.
Delayed 2 hours...BOO!

These two cute boys "promoted" from 8th grade!!
The graduate!

We stayed at this beautiful Hyatt in an amazing suite right on the beach. My dad used his American Express miles to pay for us to stay there for 6 days. It was a blast. I had my three favorite things all in one, the sunshine, and the beach.

Before we left the boys loaded all of my family's bikes and tandems up into the truck so we got to cruise along the beach to wherever we wanted all week long.

I love going on vacation with my family because they never take a week off of work outs. We would all get up fairly early and get our work out on. I worked out in the gym at the hotel one day with my dad, brothers, and Daniel and ran on the beach twice with my mom. I loved it because even though we were eating things like yummy buffet breakfasts, cold stone, gelato and at the Cheesecake Factory, I didn't feel like as much of a fatty.
We also went to DISNEYLAND while we were there!!! We are big time Disneyland-ers in my family. We love it partly because of the fun atmosphere and all of the fun rides...but the funnest thing about D-land for my family is probably the skipping the lines part. We have some pretty crazy and hilarious stories. Don't judge.

Oh...and Bonnie brought RIO!!

Over all it was such a fun week. I have such a great time whenever I get together with my family. Daniel absolutely loves my brothers Rhett and Trent. My sisters and I have a blast together. My dad makes everything fun and interesting. And my mom is just the coolest mom around. We just all have a great time together.