Thursday, August 23, 2012


So a little over 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity (more like I was forced into) to hike Mount Timpanogos. Daniel and his best bud Jake had done it the weekend before but they only made it about half way. 

After hours and hours of begging and Daniel calling me all sorts of names you wouldn't want me to repeat (that part is a joke) I finally agreed to go. 

Was I glad I was doing it after the first hour of hiking? 

Definitely not. And this picture of me was actually about 3 hours after we started. Did I mention we started at 6:00am?? Umm, ya...waking me up at 4:45am to hike a stupid mountain was not a good idea.

So let's skip all the whining and complaining that was going on by me and get to the climax of the story. WE MADE IT TO THE TOP! And let me just mention that it wasn't until the last hour and a half of the hike that we finally met up with Jake, his brother and Jake's girlfriend Mallory. That was when I finally stopped complaining and pretended I was enjoying the hike which turned into me maybe actually enjoying it a teeny tiny bit for real. And trust me...I did get an earful from Daniel for being such a baby.

Once we finally made it I really was glad I did it and felt very accomplished. I was also sore for about a week which felt great! The whole time Daniel kept telling me that sometimes it's good to do hard things and that it's good to hurt and go through pain when you set a goal and try to accomplish it. Now I don't know about all that since I think setting the goal to make it to the top was more of Daniel's idea than mine, but I do know that it felt great to accomplish something hard. Now maybe one day I'll be able to run a marathon on a whim like he did (HA! ya right).

Too early to function and FREEZING.
  At this point we had thought we made it to the top...only to find out we had about another 45 minutes to go. Bummer.
 Contemplating whether or not I should keep going.
 Fake smile. I thought it would be good to get a smiling picture for later documenting.

All of us.
The end. Fun stuff.

Camping round 2

I haven't updated this bloggo in a this is an "update" post, or, as we say in the instagram world, a #latergram (#notafunnyjoke).

Anyway...a few weeks ago we went camping again!! This time AJ, Bonnie and Rio came too and instead of camping just 15 minutes away from the nearest Target, we decided to head into the mountains and be real campers. We thought it was a great idea until we got denied a camp spot at 3 different camp sites because they were full. While AJ and Daniel went on a search for a nice meadow where we would make our own camp ground, I had the bright idea to ask if we could share this group of college students' camp site and pay them $$ because they had what was called a double site. They were perfectly fine with it since they weren't using part of it anyway. It worked out great (except for the fact that we had to squeeze two tents onto one tiny area of flat ground)! We even had our own fire pit. Trevor Jessica, Nellsers and Daniel and I shared the bigger tent and Bonnie, AJ and Ree shared the small one. Our tent was a little smushy and it didn't help that we were sleeping on a major slant. We did have two twin sized mattresses in ours though while Bonnie and AJ had to rough it on the hard dirt. Needless to say, we only ended spending one night camping instead of two (Bonnie was being a diva ;-)  

On a more positive note, the food was great! We had tin foil steak dinners and ate too many s'mores for counting. Here are a few pics:

They were so smart to think to bring the pack and play.

We found a gorgeous lake that had a walking path all the way around it.

Story time after camping :)