Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This just happened...

Yes, this did just happen. 

You know why? Because I love my husband and I have self control (unless you count licking the beater).

You see, I am taking a class right now called Healthy and Active Lifestyle Management. And in this class, I am taught all about the things we should and shouldn't put into our bodies. Like sugar, for instance. The first time I heard that I literally thought about getting up and walking out of the class right then and there...but then the cottage on the back of my thighs started calling my name and told me to sit  down and stay down. So I decided to hear my teacher out. 

Now I'm stuck in this class and I'm getting sucked in to going on a 4 week long diet and exercise program (or "lifestyle change" as my teach would call it) starting at the end of February. In the meantime, I'm trying to prep my body by not eating any sweets on weekdays. My mom is doing it too. She wants to do the 4 week diet with me as well. We actually decided to begin this little "only have sweets on weekends thing" before my class started, after eating obscene amounts of candy and desserts during the holidays. 

So back to these cookie dough truffles I made tonight. I felt bad depriving my sweet, hard-working, and in-shape husband of sweets and all things delicious just because I wanted to deprive myself of them. So I decided to see if I could practice some self control. And to my surprise, I didn't allow myself to have even one. These little guys refrigerate, so I am going to wait until the weekend! Well, there are still two days left until then so I guess I should say I am going to try. 

...okay actually let's just scratch everything I just said, because you know that really in-shape tall dark and handsome guy I mentioned earlier? Ummm yeah, he seriously, as I was writing this, just walked into the house with this...

So not okay! I have a feeling all hell is about to break loose!

I am promising to at least  wait until morning until I eat one. ONE. Pray for me please. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

A new addition!

Last weekend Paige's {used to be} boyfriend Mike invited Dan, Sidney and I to go up to his family's cabin in Bear Lake. The plan was to go skiing on Friday and snowmobiling {our first time!} on Saturday.  Mike let Dan in on his little secret that he as planning on proposing to Paige. We were so excited; there was no way we were missing this.

Bear Lake is such a cute and beautiful little town. Skiing was great because there were probably a total of like 50 cars in the parking lot of the resort, which is always a good sign. We skied on fresh powder without hardly anyone in our path all day. 

We each had our own room in the cabin {me and Daniel shared, of course} and Mike's family treated us to dinner every night. They let us make ourselves right at home which made for a super fun and relaxing weekend. 

The snowmobiling on Saturday was a blast! It was a little bit nerve-racking at the start, but once I got the hang of it I felt like a pro {cough cough...I was the only one who chickened out on going up this giant hill...only because Mike's mom had just gotten finished telling me about how she rolled her sled down that very hill once}. 

We took off on the snow mobiles at about 10am and rode until 5:45pm! In the afternoon we rode into a town that was actually in IDAHO {I guess we rode like 70-75 miles by the end of the day} and had a hot lunch. Then we rode up a tricky little {or big} mountain up to St. Charles Peak where Mike asked Paige to marry him. It was so sweet :)


 {ski bibs are da bomb}


 {me looking real cool on my sled}

 {future brothers-in-law! Rival schools}

 {reaching for that bling}

 {poppin that question}

 {she said YES!}

 {the bling!}

 {Daniel doing a "trust fall"--ouch!}

 {the shveet cabin}

Thank you Stecklings for an awesome weekend! So excited about the soon-to-be addition to our fam! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ice cream and green smoothies

If you're wondering, I'm still drinking my green smoothies. 

This one that I made the other day was especially good. 

It was just spinach, frozen pineapple, half a frozen banana, peach yogurt, ice, chia seeds, and water.

Daniel and I gulped it down with some Triscuits after working out at the gym together...such a delightful little snack :)

On the contrary...we also had Cold Stone ice cream last night. My mom and I have been trying to only eat sweets on the weekends. I guess I decided to take full advantage of that on my Saturday night out. 

It was well worth it.

Daniel likes his sweet cream ice cream with heath bar...I love my coffee ice cream with health bar. Both heath bar lovers :) Daniel despises the taste of coffee though...I love it!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Something New

I started my internship coaching track and field at Provo High School for my major this week and it's been...well let's just say different than what my high school track experience was like. 

It's indoor track so my guess, well, my hope is that when the outdoor season starts things will get a little  bit more organized. 

Since it's too cold to function outside, Provo high school uses their hallways to practice. That is if we can find anyone who wants to practice. The kids have basically never heard of a hard track workout. Their usual practice goes something like this:
-practice starts at 2:30
-kids start showing up dressed and ready at about 3:00
-distance runners go off on a run with the head coach
-everyone else does whatever they want. 
...with the exception of the hurdlers who do have a coach and usually do drills for about 30 minutes and these go over a hurdle or the hallway of the school.

A few of my classmates are also doing the internship at Provo with me. We are determined to show those kids what a real practice is supposed to look like...and better yet, how you're supposed to feel afterwards. 

{I wasn't joking when I said they practice in the hallways}

Monday, January 14, 2013


Ok so this is really stupid of me to blogging right now since I have apartment stuff that needs to be done, as well as homework, grocery shopping, and figuring out what the heck I'm going to make for dinner....BUT, I just want to write a quickie about our mini getaway to Boise, ID this past weekend. 

Sid was competing in 4 events at BYU's first real indoor track meet. So we just couldn't miss it. We left at about 4:45am Saturday morning and drove about 6 hours (3 of them being in a snowy blizzard) and made it to the meet just in time. We had a good time and are glad we went...just please remind me never to go to Boise, ID again.

Trevor and Jessica made the trip too because Jess' step dad lives near Boise so they decided it would be the perfect time to give him a visit. We were happy about that because it meant we got to have Nelli and Shayn entertain us in between events :)

 {Trevor put Nelli in a trash can to keep her from running around...that lasted about 30 seconds}

{Please excuse all the weird close ups of Daniel. My mom judged me for that}

{aaaaand back to the lovely 801}

And since it takes YouTube 5 years to upload a video from my new camera, I'm only posting one. This is Sid receiving the baton as the 2nd leg in the 4x4. 

After the meet, Daniel and I stayed in a sweet hotel {courtesy of my father) in Downtown Boise, slept in until about 10 the next morning, ate a delicious breakfast at Goldy's Breakfast Bistro (best decision we made all week), and then headed back to P-town.

 Alright, now back to getting my life in for dinner? Sounds good to me ;)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Here's a quick story...

Here's a quick little story that I just want to get down on the blog while it's still on my mind. I think it's a funny one that Daniel and I will still laugh about later on. 

So on Tuesday morning Daniel had the choice to either wake up before my early 8am class, or sleep in a little before his 9:30 class. He, of course, chose to wake up early and make me breakfast. What a sweetie! He is always the one who makes eggs in our house because he makes them to perfection...every time. 

Well, I was running a little behind that morning (no surprise) and had to take my breakfast on the go as I was rushing out the door. I'm not the best at eating and driving...or driving and simultaneously doing anything for that matter...especially when it's snowing...and so I only had time to eat my english muffin and about a quarter of the eggs that were on my plate. 

After arriving on campus and quickly finding an illegal parking spot, I jumped out of the car, left my breakfast plate on the passenger seat, and ran to class. 

An hour later I returned to my car, crossing my fingers there was no parking ticket on my windshield, and headed home. The last thing I wanted to do was bring a plate full of eggs back home after Daniel was so sweet to get up and make them for me...I didn't want him to feel bad that I didn't eat them! So I thought it would be a good idea to dump them on the road at a stop light. Don't worry, I looked all around to make sure there weren't any cars that would be able to see me. 

Well apparently I looked past the bikers because just as I was dumping my eggs, sweet Daniel was riding by on his bike and saw me! I guess he was calling my name and waiving his hands trying to get my attention...but the light turned green and I was off. 

As soon as I got home I received a text that said, "I saw you throwing out your eggs." Right then my heart sunk. I felt terrible! I wasn't sure if he was mad, sad, or being funny. Luckily he thought it was funny and we were able to laugh it off. Looking back at the situation now I can't help but literally LOL (laugh out loud). What I would give to see that little encounter on film!

{I love him a it weird that I still look through our engagement pictures from time to time? Last night I watched the video montage from our wedding and made Daniel watch it with me...:)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New toy

Some people use their brand new Canon t4i to take pretty scenery pictures...

but I use mine to take pictures of my pretty sister...

 ...and the rest of my family who I love. 

{Trent throwing a snowball at me while I take pictures of the boys from the balcony}



{Rhett "pretending" to throw a snowball at me}

 {Mom and Mum (mother and daughter) making brownies in the kitchen together}

 {Papa pouring himself some Oranchata (that may or may not be correct's Italian)}

 {The boys getting into their NBA Live or NFL Blitz game...or whatever it was}

 {So intense...}

 {Love Birds...}

 {More Love Birds...}

 {The gals...}

 {The funniest game ever...Reverse Charades...EVERYONE got into it}

 {Puzzle time! I personally cannot sit and do a puzzle...but apparently these boys can...they finished!}

 {Photo BOMB!}

 {Nelli loved Paisley...Paisley looks scurred}

 {Photo BOMB numero dos}

 {I'm pretty sure I mentioned I love this girl, right?}

 {Daddy's birthday! Strawberry cake! Yumm!}

 {Nelli's "bestfriend"...yes, one word}

 {Dan loves Rio!}

 {My Nelli girl}

I apologize for the enormous amount of pictures. I've been pretty anxious to show off how much I've been using my new toy, but I also just love all these people to death. This right here is why I've been wanting a nice camera. I love looking back on fun memories with family and friends and being able to document those memories. I can't wait to continue using my camera for pictures and videos when I have a little family of my own!