Monday, April 22, 2013


We have been super busy lately as school and finals have been winding down. Daniel and I have been in the middle of making some pretty big decisions for our little family. 

First off, Daniel just finished his LAST FINAL EVER this morning! I am so proud of him. Transferring to BYU from Palomar Junior College wasn't easy. Not only does BYU try to make it almost completely impossible to pass midterms and final exams (unless your major is PE), they also throw in 12 extra units of religion classes as well as a few other mandatory classes that I'm pretty sure no other school on the planet requires. So even though he was on track to graduate in 4 years after getting his Associate's degree at Palomar, it ended up taking him a little longer than planned. Oh well though, that's life. 

So we have been trying to decide what Daniel's going to do now that he's graduated.  I still have another semester of school left and then my student teaching so we are kind of stuck in Utah for at least another year. One of our options was to head to Philadelphia for the summer to sell alarm systems with some of my family members who have been really successful doing that. As intriguing as making some serious caaaaash money sounded, we had to decide what was best for us and our future. 

For a couple of weeks we were very torn as to what to do. Daniel still owns his little landscape maintenance company, which is good, but other than that there weren't any real great job opportunities for him here in Utah. After making a number of different pros and cons lists we had almost made up our minds that heading to Philly would be the best option for us. Daniel was pretty set on that but I was still a little hesitant. I wasn't too hot on finding a place to keep all of our stuff for the summer or on living on the opposite side of the country for four months, as cool as it would have been living just two hours from NYC. 

Then one day Daniel must have had some kind of inspiration because he completely changed his mind and was convincing me of why staying here would be the best option for us. I agreed 100% with everything he was saying and we both felt great about our decision. From there everything started falling into place. Daniel ended up getting a great job that was totally out of the blue and I even got the summer job I had applied and was hoping for! It's so amazing how things work out sometimes. Heavenly Father knows us! I know He was right there with us every step of the way as we went through our decision making process.

I have a feeling this summer is going to be one of the best, but also one of the busiest!

Recent Captures!

I'm still loving my new camera. {It still seems brand new to me. Was Christmas really four months ago?} I love capturing moments that will be looked back on for years and years. Here are some of my most recent captures:

Nelli's 2nd birthday! I am obsessed with all of the BRIGHT colors. I was more than happy to snap pictures during the party because it gave me lots of practice using my camera. I need to be a pro by the time Dan and I have babes.

And Sid's track meet. I didn't get any pictures really but here is a video!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Catchin rays and findin eggs

Ahh the sun, and I mean the real, hot sun that I know and love being from California, finally showed its face this weekend.  Or should I say, I got to show my face to the sun.  Daniel and I took the tandem out once again and rode along that same pretty trail

It was 70 degrees and gorgeous!

 {Please don't mind the double chin here! I was so happy to finally be catchin those sun rays.}

 {Handsome guy}

 {Daniel was showing off his rock skipping skills. Notice the intense farmer's tan.}

{And then he was showing off his his rock throwing skills?}

I think we definitely made the best out of our Saturday. 

And on Sunday we had Easter dinner with the cousins! We barbequed hamburgers which got me SO excited for Summer! Then we put together an Easter egg hunt for Nelli. I can't believe she is almost 2! She is the smartest, sweetest, funniest, happiest little girl on the planet. We were all so surprised with how much she got into the Easter egg hunt! We would all point to the hidden eggs and say things like "wow!" and "oh my gosh!" to help her find them and, of course, she would copy everything we said. It was seriously the cutest thing. One of the things I absolutely love about her is that, for some reason, she really loves to say my name in particular. She is always yelling out, "Regan!" or, "where's Regan?" Haha I love it!

I wasn't able to snap very many pictures during the Easter egg hunt because after taking only two and then a short video, my phone told me I didn't have enough storage to take any more and I forgot to bring my camera! :-( Oh well. 

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!