Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Swim

Last Monday was Memorial Day. Mike invited Daniel and I and Trevor and Jess (plus the girls, of course) to his house for a BBQ and swim day. It was a perfect day. Nelli was in heaven playing on the Stecklings' swing set/jungle gym and jumping around on their ground-level trampoline. Here are some pictures that I took on my camera that I'm still loving and obsessed with :)

  Let me just tell you something about the cute little girl on the left here. Her name is Shayn Saylor Reilly. A couple of days ago, Jessica and Trevor took her to see the doctor about a lump they felt on the left side of her abdomen. It turned out to be a Wilms Tumor growing out of her left kidney. It was removed yesterday along with her entire left kidney and the surgery went well. Daniel and I went to see this precious girl in the hospital last night. She is doing well and is just the cutest hospital baby ever. It was so sad seeing her hooked up to so many different tubes. The tumor was caught very early on (even though it was still the size of a softball) and ended up being stage 1. She may still need to do about 23 weeks of chemotherapy. It breaks my heart but I'm so glad the surgery went well and that she is doing ok. Jessica is such an amazing mom. I know their family will get through this and that Shayn will go on to live a perfectly happy and healthy life.