Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lake Tahoe picture overload

This last week/weekend Daniel and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in beautiful Lake Tahoe. It was such a fun, and much needed vacation for just the two of us. We relaxed on the beach, played on some water toys, ate great food, and just enjoyed each other's company. As! 

The beaches around Lake Tahoe were soo pretty. The water is incredibly blue and CRYSTAL clear...

This is what happens when there is a camera and only two people...Daniel took model shots of me on a private beach we found one evening. Here are a few of them. The others are for Daniel's eyes only ;)

One morning we went to breakfast at this cute place called the Red Hut Cafe...only to find out that there was an ice cream/sundae parlor around back. It became our go-to dessert place while we were there. The sundaes were out of this world! {I'm obsessed with fooood}
(and yes, that's chocolate sauce and melted peanut butter on top. Don't worry, we shared)

Exploring Emerald Bay was probably my favorite thing we did while in Tahoe. We checked out the scenery on the way there, and then hiked down to the beautiful bay. We rented a double kayak for THREE HOURS and just explored. We found some rocks to jump off, and some beautiful beaches to relax on.

We rented a jet ski, which is always a blast. We rented it from Round Hill Pines beach and road 12 miles to Emerald Bay (we loved it there so much). It was a bumpy ride to say the least, but so much fun catching air off boat wakes and getting splashed in the face with that pretty blue water.

On our actual anniversary, Daniel booked a dinner cruise on the US Dixie. The cruise took us around Lake Tahoe, and served a delicious steak dinner. After dinner there was a live band with dancing! So fun! Daniel wanted me to dance with him to EVERY song. 

We stayed at the Hyatt in North Lake Tahoe during the last couple nights of our trip. We ended up LOVING the peacefulness on the North Shore, compared to the more crowded, party lifestyle of South Lake Tahoe. On our last day we hung out at the Hyatt's private beach and took a pedal boat out (those things are slow as molasses). Check out this gatorade blue, crystal clear water!

Daniel loved relaxing under the cabana.

There was a beautiful sunset that night and we couldn't help but take one more picture together! 

ok, maybe two more...

It's crazy how fast two years went by! I'm so happy we were able to go on this little vacation together.