Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Short thought

One reason I love my cooking class:

I get to bring the leftovers home and don't have to make dinner on Tuesday nights! Tonight I brought home Chicken Cordon Bleu with steamed carrots and sugar snap peas, and dessert crepes for...well, dessert :) In the class we also made garlic bread and a strawberry/blueberry/spinach smoothie. There were no leftovers to bring home for those but I did recreate the smoothie. 

Hope your Tuesday is going well!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Lately

The past couple of weeks have been insanely busy for me. 

I flew home for Paige's gorgeous wedding.

And then started school literally THE NEXT DAY. My school schedule this semester is not hard...or at least it's not supposed to be hard. I needed to take a few extra credits in order to graduate next April, so I thought, hey, a cooking class would be fun, and how about a sewing class too? Cooking class=best decision I've ever made. Sewing class=could be the worst mistake of my life! Only because I just spent 3 hours in open lab (p.s. it's 11:00 at night!) trying to cut out our first big sewing project (pajama pants). For some people pajama pants would be a sinch. For others, like me, it is much more difficult than it should be. My first project has gone like this: bought fabric. fabric was too short when went to class and laid out pattern. go to open lab with new fabric ad pin my pattern wrong onto fabric. get TA to come sign off on my pinning only to find out the hour and a half I had just spend pinning and adding a few inches in length to my pattern was a waste because I did it wrong. one more hour later and I'm finally heading home...at 10:30pm! Let's just hope I leave the class knowing how to thread the machine at the very least!

On a happier note, I made these beauties in my cooking class the other day :)
Cherry Jam Tarts :)

Two weeks after school started my family came up for Paige's second reception in Utah. It was nice to get my mind off school (but really just the sewing class) for the weekend.

Something else fun that I did last weekend was canning peaches with my grandma! It's something we've done together the last two years and I hope we make it a tradition! This isn't a very good picture, but here are all my cans on top of the cupboards.

And here's a picture from last year.

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Provo. After class I hopped on the scooter to head home. All of a sudden, out of NOWHERE, it starts POURING! Then HAILING! I literally couldn't see a thing while driving the scooter. I was super frustrated at first, but then couldn't help but just smile and laugh. When I finally got home I was drenched. I sent this picture to Daniel.

Another reason to smile today was because it's Sahyn's birthday! Love you Shayn. Happy Birthday!

That's all for now.