Saturday, December 20, 2014

December things

Quick bragging post about my husband...

When we got married we started a tradition where we have our own little Christmas together, just us two, before heading down to California for Christmas with the family. We put together stockings for each other and open them together. I love it so much.

Tonight he had our little mini Christmas, since we leave tomorrow, and it was just as fun as ever.

So quick side note...

I LOVE candles.

Daniel HATES candles. 

He thinks they are a complete wast of money {which, they kind of are, but I still LOVE them}

 Evertime I walk in to Anthro, I SWOON over their delicious and gorgeous candles. I've told Daniel countless times that I would love to splurge on an Anthro candle...but I never have. I've also tried explaining to him that one of those beautiful Anthro candles would not be a waste of money because,

a. I would probably hardly ever light it because I wouldn't want to waste it {plus just having the top off already smells amazing} 

b. even if it did burn out all the way, I would keep it forever and use it as decoration ;)

Well, he still disagrees and has always said he would NEVER spend $28 on a candle.

BUT...what did I find when he gave me my stocking tonight??!


Ahhhh I am obsessed with HIM more than I am with the gorgeous candle.

He's the best. And I'll keep my candle forever.

Now off to California we go!


Sunday, December 7, 2014


After a late night at DA CLUB on friday, (I know, we don't really seem like the clubbing type, but on occasions we do go and have more fun on the dance floor than anyone else - alcohol free. Yeah, we can still hang with the young single people! ;) Paige dared me to go to the bar and order a Shirley Temple. I would have, but Daniel wouldn't give me his credit card. I know...immature)...moving on. AFTER A LATE NIGHT AT DA CLUB ON FRIDAY...Daniel and I rolled in to Park City at about 1 am (that's late for us) and crashed before waking up bright and early on Saturday. Daniel went skiing while I shopped. Gahhh and fell in love with this Anthro coat...

I think it might need to be an investment purchase for Salty Blondes ;)

Then we met up with friends for dinner, and ended our night at home with Christmas candles lit, eating peppermint ice cream and watching Love Actually (#1 favorite Christmas movie) just the two of us. 

This weekend was perfect.

Ps. We've decided to stay in Utah for the time being. More details on why coming soon. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

HE is the GIFT

With all the decorations, lights, treats, gifts, music, etc. that comes with the Christmas season, it's so easy to forget the true meaning of CHRISTmas. I am the first to admit that I think wayyy too much about the unimportant aspects of Christmas (cough cough...presents). But this video put into perspective what I really need to be thinking about this season. My Savior and Redeemer...the greatest Gift of all.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Well, I haven't been very good at keeping up with my personal blog since Salty Blondes here's an update:

1. We just got back from a fun long weekend in San Diego <3 There are so many things to be thankful for. My family, and the opportunity I had to be able to be in California with them is one.

2. I'm still recovering from my leg injury (yaaa, long story)
(sorry, I know it's nasty, but I had to document)

3. Anddd Daniel and I are considering moving to San Diego! We have  HUGE life changing decision ahead of us and we have to decide this week. Prayers are appreciated as we try to figure out what will be best for us and the future of our family. 

Well, this was short but sweet. I'll try to be better.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Busy Bees

So I know my last few posts have all been about Salty Blondes (mine and Paige's new blog), but that's because I feel like that's ALL I've been doing the last few weeks. Working on this blog. 

We now have FIVE posts up, which consist of two recipes, and three outfits. Plus we have an ABOUT page, and a RECIPE page where all of our recipes will be available.

Exciting things are happening with this blog and we are having so much fun with it! I won't lie though, it's time consuming and tiring working all day, then blogging all night while somehow managing to squeeze in time to do photo shoots AND spend time with my husband. Daniel has been taking all of our pictures, so at least he gets to see me be a wannabe model.

We're making it work though. Daniel sees how much I'm loving this new blogging adventure and so he fully supports it.

That's all for now.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Salty Blondes

Paige and I are loving our new blogging venture! 

We've really enjoyed creating the first few posts together. And we've gotten a great response from our followers...especially on Instagram!   

We've even had someone email us about doing a collaboration already - it's a girl who started a graphic tee company. She offered to give us some of her tees if we'd rep them in one of our blog posts! Nothing huge, but it got us excited!!

Exciting stuff happening on Salty Blondes :)

Be sure to check it out if you haven't already. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October tradition

Daniel and I really haven't developed very many of our own traditions since we've been married. I'm sure we'll have some once we have children, but for now we are usually visting our families during holidays, so the only traditions we have are the ones we've grown up doing with them!

However, the Alpine Loop drive every October is one tradition that we started the first year we moved to Utah, and have done it every year after! This was our FIFTH year. The fall colors up in the mountains are just SO gorgeous. If you live in Utah and haven't driven the Alpine Loop...GO NOW BEFORE THE LEAVES ARE GONE. 

 (LOL Daniel's stance kills me ^^^ {he's really into it apparently})

This here is an can tell it's an Aspen because of the way it is.
(Please tell me you've seen that YouTube video. So ridiculously stupid)

Once again we had no one with us to take our pictures, so we used a self timer. I'm not in love with these pictures, but I'm happy to have them to look back on each year.
Thanks Utah for providing me with at least one season I enjoy living here for.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A week long break plus exciting news!

Last week Daniel and I were fortunate enough to be able to take an entire WEEK off work and head down to San Diego. Don't ask how we convinced our bosses to let us take a random week off when summer's over, and it's not even a holiday or anything. We got lucky.

My brothers are juniors right now, and Daniel's brother is a SENIOR and his dad is the varsity football coach at the high school. So we were dying to head down and catch a couple of their football games. PLUS my brother Rhett got to start as the varsity quarterback for the first time the day we got there :) And to top it all off, he was also voted Junior Homecoming Prince, and Dan's brother won Senior KING! It was the perfect week to go down. 
^^^they are so handsome!^^^

We also got to spend a lot of time with my cute niece and nephew (close enough) who we are OBSESSED with! We missed them so much! Dan and Rio are best buds and Summie is the sweetest girl in the world.


Dan and I took Rio to the beach one day, just the 3 of us! We made sand castles, Daniel dug Rio a huge hole to play in, and after, we got ice cream. Best day ever!

 My cousin Beau also plays football for the U of Hawaii and they just so happened to be playing SDSU in San Diego the week we were there, so we got to see him as well.

Aaaaaand we got to see my adorable, handsome, studly brothers off to homecoming! I wish I had better pictures, but I was on camera duty so I here are pictures of pictures ;) I loaded them all onto my parents computer and then deleted them off my memory card :-/

They were looking wayy fresh.


Paige and I started a style blog! 

Head over to to check it out and follow us on Instagram @salty_blondes :)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


You know how everyone just loooooooves fall?

Well fall means winter is just around the corner. And winter in Utah means depression. 

So yes, I love the pretty fall colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the fact that fall means Christmas is getting closer, but I'm not one of those girls who just loooooooves fall. I will admit that I was excited to pull all of my boots out though ;)

NONETHELESS, I did give our home a little bit of fall spirit.

I even got a little crafty and made a fun Halloween banner

Find the FREE printable HERE {courtesy of}

Happy Fall!
even though I like summer wayy better

Saturday, September 27, 2014

8 Minute Abs

This last week my nightly routine has included watching 80's hotties lead me in an ab workout.

But really, I actually do like this workout and I love that it's only 8 minutes long.

And let's face it, this guy is really motivating. 

Do this every night gang, and I promise you'll see some results!

Ps. Daniel and I have still been running a mile most weeknights. We haven't been as consistent, and lately Daniel has been riding his bike beside me while I run (insert annoyed emoji here). He is a hard worker though, and I know the only reason he even comes is because he doesn't want me running in the dark alone//he knows I don't have the motivation to go in the mornings on my own time. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Soooo my blog got a makeover.

I've been wanting to do this for a while now. But I had a hard time coming up with a blog name. 

I finally decided on "A Little Bit of R N R" 
(even though my initials are actually RNG now)

I was actually in the process of designing my header when Daniel walked in the door from work and yelled, "Sugga Ray!" He calls me that allll the time and I kind of love it when he does :)

So "Sugar Ray Gilster" is was. 

Let's face it, my title "The Gilster Blog" from before was a liiiitle bit lame.

I'm lovin' the new look...but I tend to change my mind a lot and get tired of things, so chances are it may change again :-/ Hahah

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Soooo about a week ago Daniel and I decided we could no longer sleep happily in a queen size bed. 

He likes to cuddle me at night, and sprawl out on the bed at the same time. That just doesn't work when you're 6'5", and when your wife gets severe heat flashes in the middle of the night. 


it's sooo hard to get up in the morning because it's the most comfortable thing I've ever laid on

now if only our bedroom wasn't the size of a closet...

aaaaand I am so giddy about my new bedding that shipped today! it's from anthro...(enough said)

Ps. it's 1:30 am - why am I awake?! I should be sleeping in my new bed!!
k bye.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Random and all over the place

Okay, first I want to play catch up. Back in Feb. I blogged about a fun hike we did with my brothers when they came to stay with us in Utah. This year we did that same hike...because it's awesome and the guys were just dying to stick their heads in that ice cold waterfall again ;)

 Then after, we went off-roading. Side note: Daniel has had his Tacoma for over a year now. Ever since he got it, he has been bugging me to put those giant mud tires to use and go off-roading with him. I went once for a total of 5 minutes before I was almost in tears and begged him to take me back to the asphalt. I know....#dramaqueen. I don't care, it scares the crap out of me! But when he suggested off-roading to my brothers after our hike, they were all over it. So I held my breath and went along. 

...wanted to share my favorite hairstyle as of late:
the day I walked out the door and realized I looked like a wannabe Elsa with my blue maxi and side french braid. Oops.

but, it was PERFECT for lake powell...I love having my hair back and out of my face.

speaking of lake powell...
there's a funny, yet not so funny story about lake powell and fireworks. It involves my husband and a $125 ticket...oh, and a lesbian park ranger who we now hate. I won't get into details.

Sorry for the random thoughts. That's what happens when I'm looking back on iPhone pictures and realize I never documented some very important things in my life ;)

Ohh and one last thing,
I have my eye on this chair for my living room. I'm obsessed!
{World Market...I love you!}

K thanks for reading!