Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend getaway

Daniel and I LOVE that my grandparents have a cabin just minutes away from our favorite ski resort, Deer Valley, and right smack dab in the heart of Park City. We often get to ditch the yucky smog in Utah Valley and head up to the mountains for fun and relaxing getaways. 

The last TWO weekends we were able to make it up there. Once with a friend of mine and her husband to do some snowmobiling, and again just this last weekend to ski, hot tub, pig out at the best Sunday brunch in the world, relax, and spend quality time together and with my sweet grandparents. 

Saturday was the most perfect ski day. It was warm, sunny, and the snow was absolutely amazing! We skied until they closed down the lifts. 

 We then came back to the cabin, threw on our suits, and jumped in the hot tub with this amazing view to look at. 

As much as I can't stand Utah sometimes, and can't wait to move back to California, I realize that we are pretty dang lucky to live in such a gorgeous place. And I know how lucky we are to be able to enjoy these much needed getaways to beautiful Park City. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Free Time

Lately I have had a lot more free time on my hands. You may have noticed I've been blogging a lot more since the beginning of the year. Well this is why.

I didn't mention in my post about student teaching that I actually only have to teach every other day. The teacher I'm working with also teaches health, and has another student teacher for that, so I only go two or three times a week! It's seriously the best set up. I know I said I am loving teaching…and I really am, but who doesn't love some time to themselves to get things done and cross off items on their lists? I am a HUGE advocate of list making. Every single day I have a list of things to get done. I literally make a list in the notes on my iPhone and delete items as I do them. I would be embarrassed if anyone saw my lists, because often my first three items are: wake up, work out, get ready. Haha I just LOVE deleting something once it's been completed.

Anyways, I have really been enjoying my free time. AND, it's perfect because the property management company I work for asked if I had any free time to take on some extra work and make a little extra money. Even with the extra work I've taken on, I'm still finding lots of time to check off items on that OCD list of mine. 

Here's today's list:
1. Wake up (lol)
2. Gym
3. Grocery store (then I opened up a SECOND list in my notes for that)
4. Shower/get ready
4. Blog
5. Laundry
6. Work on lesson plans
7. Work on manager stuff
8. Make cookies for FHE
9. Make dinner
10. FHE

Of course my list HAD to be 10 items long…(just kidding, I'm not that OCD).

One more thing…I'm loving Daniel's new G-Star high tops :) He actually likes and wears them.

Happy list making!


I absolutely LOVE having a husband who is handy. It makes life so much easier. After Christmas I did some de-cluttering around the house to make room for our new things, and just to get rid of things that were going unused. I soon realized that it was probably time Daniel had his own dresser. My sister and her husband had recently bought the Ikea dresser below, and I liked the look, size and price of it. So we bought the same one in a different color. 

(We bought the large one in black/brown)

My mom told me that it would be worth the money to pay for someone from Ikea to set it up for us, since she saw how long it took for Paige's to be put together. I mentioned that to Daniel, but he insisted on putting it together by himself.

As soon as we got it home he immediately got to work and put it all together that night. I went to bed early since the next morning was my first day teaching, and when I woke up our our living room was put back, all the trash was thrown away, the dresser was completely put together AND set up nicely where I had mentioned I wanted to put it. I was a happy wife. 
 He's the best. Sometimes I don't know how he deals with my OCD behavior, but I am so glad he puts up with me :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mrs. Gilster

I am finally in my LAST semester at BYU. I can see the graduation light at the end of the tunnel. And the tunnel is not very long. Honestly, thinking about graduating from college is kind of bittersweet. Some people might think I'm crazy, but I've actually enjoyed being in school these past four years, and sometimes I think I'm not ready to be done. Grad school has even crossed my mind. That all depends on how a few things play out, but I definitely haven't thrown that idea out the window. I think the reason I've enjoyed school so much is because of my major. I have LOVED pretty much every PE class I've taken, and that made going to college a very enjoyable experience. 

For the next couple of months I will be going by Mrs. Gilster, or Mrs. G, as some of my students have asked to call me. I'm teaching high school PE classes at Salem Hills High School and so far I am really liking it. Yesterday was my first day teaching by myself, and it was a brand new semester with all new students in my classes. So I was introduced as their teacher, at least until the end of April. I teach three classes: two are called Fitness for Life, where I teach all girls about different ways they can enjoy being physically active and be fit for life! I teach them in the classroom for about 15-20 minutes and then we go and do things like Zumba, badminton, yoga, cross-fit, tennis, and other activities that they can do throughout their lives. The second class I teach is called Coed Team Sports where I teach boys and girls different skills for all kinds of team sports. 

My first day went really well. Hopefully the rest of the semester will go the same!

Mrs. Gilster

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Silver Linings

In honor of the movie Daniel and I just watched (Silver Linings Playbook…best movie ever, by the way), I'm going to mention a few "silver linings" that I've come to appreciate, despite the cold, snowy weather. 
1. I get to see Daniel more often when it snows. Even though he works more hours than ever, he is at least in Provo during snow storms, instead of up in Draper. He manages the snow removal for everything South of the point of the mountain. This means he is in Provo all day, so we get to have lunch together, and when he gets a break he'll come home and hang out with me :)

2. The snow is pretty…from indoors only, of course. 

3. Colder weather allows for a refreshing change in wardrobe. I've been wearing my new Sorel boots that I got for Christmas pretty much every day since I've been back in Utah. I'm obsessed. I love that they have a little wedge but are still SO comfortable.

Today Dan took some pictures of me in the snow…burrrrr

Hat: Anthro // Top: Nordstrom // Pants: Rag & Bone via Nordstrom // Boots: Sorel

In this new year of 2014 I am going to make it a goal to find the silver linings. It's easy to complain and get down about things, but the positives can always be found as well. Other goals I have this year are:

1. Be healthy. I know this is a pretty standard goal, but I want to make it realistic and really do it. I go through phases where I eat really healthy things, and then I completely drop the ball. I want to implement healthy eating habits into my diet, but also enjoy the things I love….which is a LOT for those who know me. Also, I got a gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness last summer. My sister Paige and I were really good about going often over the summer, but then it turned into "Tuesday is gym day" as fall came around. We decided that if we could just go 3 times a week we might be able to notice a difference in our bodies. 
2. Sorry #1 was so long. Number 2 is to go to the temple more often, at least once a month. Daniel and I were really good about going once a month during the first year of our marriage and I really loved doing that. I always find that we are a lot kinder to each other right after going to the temple. We made the goal together this year to start going more often again.
3. Pray and read the scriptures more. Morning prayer especially. 

There are many more things in my life that I am constantly trying to improve. Those are just a few goals that I really want to focus on.

Happy 2014!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

Get ready for another picture overload. Our Christmas vacation this year was just too good.

After Thanksgiving, Daniel and I set out to get our tree. I love real Christmas trees! I know, so cliche, right? Here's a quick look…
…although slightly crooked in the picture, we loved it!

Remember how I got the new iPhone 5s (and that adorable Tory Burch case)? Well I couldn't stop taking selflies on it the first day I had it. There are filters on the 5s that make me look…uh better than I did on the 4 camera? Haha

…that one time we went Christmas shopping at the Nike outlet…yes, this is a receipt...

...and finally we made it to California! The day after we arrived was Rio's birthday party. I got to see some old friends (slash cousins??) and play with the cutest 2 year old boy on the planet... 

…I guess since he's 2 now maybe it's not abnormal for him to be able to make 20 baskets in a row?? 

…on Christmas Eve we went to my grandparents' annual family party…and took our annual pictures in front of the tree...

…every year we listen for Santa's sleigh bells and all hide in the living room…Santa comes and leaves everyone a present…this year I had a really big crush on Santa…he was looking pretty sexy in that suit ;)

…and this year Santa brought my family all matching Christmas jammies...

…the boys were not having it…

Nelli came over and showed off her Christmas jammies too…and her cheerleading skills...

…on christmas morning we opened presents at my parents and both grandparents houses, then relaxed and played the rest of the day...

…on my birthday (the 27th) I was totally spoiled with even more presents…one of my favorites being this new Tory Burch bag <333 THANK YOU DANIEL!

…then we headed to the beach, it was a perfect, sunny, 75 degree weather kind of day...

…and we finished off the night by going to my favorite sushi restaurant! 

…our amazing week in California was topped off by heading to Disneyland…I love Disneyland! Nelli was having the time of her life too…at least for the 2 hours that she was there until her dad went and got a refund haha...

…now we're back in the "801" (UTE)…and freezing our 
butts off while simultaneously getting in some skiing with the fam…

…and I'm loving my new Sorel wedge boots! 

Sorry for the picture overload. I did give a fair warning though. Guess that's what happens when I only update my blog every 5 years.