Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daniel's 24th

For Daniel's 24th birthday I threw him a little party up at the condo in Park City. I invited some friends and family up for dinner, cake, games, and fun. We ate pizza and the delicious strawberry cake I made, then played all our fav games. 

Then Shaun somehow pulled off getting a party bus to pick us all up in front of the condo, and take us around to some different clubs on Main Street...all for free! 

Afterwards we came back to the condo and crashed. In the morning, I made Daniel's favorite breakfast, Palascintas, a famous recipe in his family, and then we went SKIING! Daniel's only birthday request was to ski.

Then Daniel and I finished off the night by eating a delicious steak dinner at Prime Steakhouse on Main Street. It was soooo yummy :)

I love making someone feel special on their birthday. Plus, it makes for a great excuse to get friends together, eat great food, and have a jolly ole time ;-)