Thursday, May 15, 2014

it's been a while...

a lot has been happening. blogging is one thing that has not been happening. oh well. i've been having fun, enjoying the good times, and that's what matters.

after graduation i immediately began working full time. now i'm a grown up for sure. but i was lucky enough to be able to take a week off and head down to california for...

cameron's wedding

these good looking' guys ^^^^

...and to spend some quality time with my family to celebrate paige's birthday, mother's day, and sidney skyping. it was a great week.

...and we spent hours on the beach pretending to be models.  there's me smelling my armpit ^^^

we also took nelli girl to the beach, which was one of my favorite things ever.

and we had a sleep over at my parents house with nelli and rio one night which was obviously the best night of my life...yes they both wet their pants once. that was fun. i still love them :)

paige, my mom, and i had a spa day for my graduation, paige's birthday, and mother's day where we got massages and facials. so wonderful and much needed. funny story that goes along with that, but i'll let paige tell it to you one day on her blog

and finally, we got to Skype with sid! she is the happiest, sweetest, funniest missionary in the world. i'm sad i didn't get a picture. she is a stickler about not going over the time limit she's allowed, so i was more worried about just talking and listening to her.

daniel and mike had to leave earlier in the week for work...and i really missed dan :(

he picked me up from the airport on monday morning and took me to my car at paige's house. when i got home i saw this waiting for me...

he is the absolute best guy and writes the sweetest notes. in high school i used to be so excited to go out to my car after school got out, because often times there would be a cute little note left on my windshield from him. what a guy