Monday, June 16, 2014

Just me, and you, babe

This week/weekend was the I just need to recap.

Daniel and I spent lots of time together, just the two of us. We have so much fun.

Lately we've been running every night together. Neither of us are runners, we actually both hate long distance running. So we've just been running a mile :) BUT we've been trying to get our times down each time we run it. Our goal is to get down to our high school times. HA! IT COULD BE A WHILE. Then we may increase our distance...a maybe 1.5 miles ;)'s been a bonding experience for us and I've loved it. We've also been taking lots of bike and scooter rides now that the weather is warmer.

One day last week I posted this Instagram:
 We had a perfect night consisting of our evening jog, corn on the cob + watermelon, a scooter ride up the mountain, and a drive by the Provo temple. How gorgeous does the temple look with that sunset in the background??
On Friday we went up to Salt Lake so that I could go by Nordstrom. We were planning on getting something simple for dinner, and opted for Cheesecake Factory. Ha! I had some gift cards and Daniel knows it's my favorite. So we basically had to.

Then we headed up to park City to hit up the jacuzzi at The St. Regis hotel in Deer Valley. We are criminals, I know. It was way too obvious because there were literally only 5 people staying there. At least that's what we figured by the number of window lights on and LACK of anyone else in sight at the pools/hot tubs. It was romantic though, and fun/relaxing/exciting sneaking around.

On Saturday we slept in. At least I did. I was greeted my breakfast in bed at about 10:30 am. Waffles, bananas, orange juice. The best. Thank you sweet Daniel.

Then we headed out on the scooter again. That thing was the best purchase we've ever made. I swear. We drove out to the lake and laid out/napped for about a couple hours. Then headed to Springville to catch Rocco's Taco Truck for the best fish tacos I've ever had (usually I hate fish). 

We rode on...and on...and on...and eventually came across the Spanish Fork Reservoir, which we had no idea existed. It was so cool with a little beach, and people canoeing/kayaking/laying out on rafts. We will definitely be going back!

We then rushed home to get ready to head back up to Salt Lake for a One Republic concert with Paige and Mike. They invited us last minute and we're so glad they did!

 photo bomber^^^

On Sunday we went to church, missed out on Father's Day with our dads :(...and then had more me and Dan time. It was the perfect weekend. I love my husband so much and am thankful for the (almost) three years we've had to spend together before we welcome our future children into the world (not pregnant). 

Happy Monday!