Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peach Head

So last week I made peach pie.

FACT: growing up I never liked pie until I finally tried my grandma's famous fresh peach pie. 

Then, after I got married she taught how to MAKE her famous peach pie. It was the first time I'd ever made a pie. The crust has taken me a while to perfect...but last week I think I finally succeeded. 

I rolled out the crust and laid it into the pans on my first try. ITS A BIG DEAL. 

And the pie tasted DELISH. 

I made one pie, and froze the other uncooked pie crust. Which means another pie is going to have to be made soon...

Thanks Gma for passing on your skillzzz and amazing recipes!

Ps...let's hope I don't get listeria because late last night I got a message from our local grocery store staying all peaches (even the organic peaches) have been recalled and may have been contaminated with listeria!!! Safe to say I'll be shopping elsewhere from now on (insert wide-eyed emoji here).

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer fun PLUS another Reilly {Beau & Alexis}

What a week! I keep asking myself if it was real, then I look down at my tan and I know for sure ;) KIDDING. But really, going back to work the morning we flew in made this last week seem like a dream.

We originally planned a trip down to California to see yet another Reilly be married into the family. Beau and Alexis were married on July 5th and they are just the cutest things I've ever seen. 

The wedding was beautiful, and we got to spend the 4th of July relaxing on the beach, and hanging with family. My favorites! much?? I think I went a little overboard on the insta filter.

Then me, Daniel, and my brothers headed to Arizona with Mum & Papa to stay at one of our favorite places, a place we've made so many memories at over the years, The Phoenician. 

Our favorite thing to do there is spend hours on THE SLIDE

The slide is especially great in the summer time, because the hotel is usually pretty empty due to the deathly heat. So the lines to the slide are nonexistent :) Daniel invented a new technique that we became obsessed with. One person slides down a little ways, then stops themselves and blocks the water...then the next person goes and blocks water at their stop, then the next, and finally the last person (which was usually me) blocks the water at the top of the slide. Then one at a time, starting from the top, we'd release the water and all shoot out down the slide. It was seriously the funnest thing!

The boys also spent hours frying their faces while playing pool basketball this trip

and we all ate wayy too much ice cream. we even took it upon ourselves to complete the Phoenician Ice Cream Challenge {that had only been completed one other time in the last year that they've had it}

had to snap a window shot of the fake one ^^^ because the boys had already started eating before I got there and could take a picture! The hershey's bars were already gone!

 It had to completed in an hour...we did it in a half hour...and won t-shirts. We are the bomb. 

The rest of the time at the Phoenician was spent...

eating large breakfasts

relaxing by the pool

sipping pina coladas

and rock climbing (random, right?? but so fun!)

thank you CALIFORNIA and The Phoenician for one of the best weeks of the year! 
and thank you Mum and Papa for taking us to one of our favorite places!!