Monday, January 19, 2015

weekend in zion | saint george

Daniel and I had been looking forward to this past weekend for quite some time. His sister had a basketball game in Saint George, which gave us a nice excuse to escape the cold for the weekend. 

The game was Saturday night, but we decided to make a weekend out of it and leave Friday early evening. Daniel booked us a hotel in Zion's National Park, which is actually about 40 minutes away from Saint George. He didn't tell me until right before we left because he knew I wouldn't be excited about it. He planned on taking me on a famous hike called Angels Landing on Saturday morning...

I've probably mentioned before that I am NOT a fan of hiking or anything "outdoorsy" unless it's the beach or lake...but Daniel is persistent in trying to turn me into a granola. 

bright and early...Daniel super stoked about the, not so much

it was FUHreezing when we started the we had to layer up...another thing I was having an attitude about...

but Daniel was just LOVING life the entire time...

I tried not to let Daniel notice that I was slowly starting to enjoy myself throughout the hike...I don't think I could hide it too well though. I overheard him talking on the phone to his parents last night saying..."Regan did NOT want to go...but by the end I think she had more fun than I did"...crap, he knows...

It was literally SO steep. You had to hold on to these chains for dear life. On either side there was about a 1000 foot drop off! And some parts were suuuper narrow.  SKETCH

we kept running in to the same guy throughout the hike and we asked to take a picture of us each time. He was a good sport about it ;)

the rock behind us is the one we climbed to the top of!

I didn't see this sign until after we got back down to the says SIX people have died doing this hike since 2004....awesome. 

My glutes are still that's a good thing considering all the food I consumed this weekend. Why do vacations / getaways also coincide with eating wayy too much food??

Happy MLK Day!