Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Travels

 This summer we were lucky enough to be able to take off work for vacation with my family. My parents always try to make time for at least some kind of vacation with just our immediate family each year which I LOVE. This year they wanted to do something bigger because it was the first summer that our entire family has been together for two years. 

The first part of our family trip was spent in New York. It was the first time my brothers had ever been there. Daniel and I had both been there once before separately, but it was fun to be there together. We spent three days there, which I think was the perfect amount of time. And we definitely made the most out of the time we had. We visited all of the famous and monumental sites, experienced the underground subway system (probably more times than we would have liked - it's so hot and muggy down there this time of year), ate at least one slice of NY pizza per day, did a LOT of walking, rode bikes through Central Park, and saw Wicked on Broadway. We stayed at the JW Marriott which was such a great hotel! The location was unbeatable - right across the street from Central Park, and just a few blocks away from Times Square. Our rooms had the most gorgeous view of Central Park and the New York cityscape (insert heart eyes!!). There was also a little French bakery right around the corner called Petrossian Cafe. My dad went over early every morning and brought back the yummiest croissants + fruit for us to eat - the chocolate, almond and apricot croissants were BOMB. And there was a 24 hour pizza joint on the other side of the hotel, which we were obviously all about. We definitely enjoyed New York. 

First day we got there we took the ferry out to see the Statue of Liberty and I snapped a pic of this amazing view!
Times Square
Empire State Building! Do you think my family waited in the hour+ long line?? NOPE.

On Sunday we went to church - I love going to church in new places!
Then got Italian food and gelato in Little Italy. YUM
Then visited the 9/11 Memorial. Unbelievable. 
View from mine and Daniel's room. O M G
Biked through Central Park and in to Times Square...

Love this fam of mine <3

From NY we flew to St. Thomas. My sisters and I had been on a Caribbean cruise before, but had never explored that island. It was amazing! We stayed at the Ritz Carlton resort (I know, how lucky are we?!) which was so perfect. We had a three bedroom house where we all stayed together that was basically right on the beach. I've mentioned this before on here, but I love being on vacation with my family because we eat like CRAP, but then my dad wakes us all up every morning to work out with him. He's 50 years old and still works out every day!! Then we'd usually come back to the house we were staying in and make breakfast. The resort had all kinds of water sports available to use, so we took advantage of that each day as well. Snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, wind surfing, and sailing. We also visited some amazing beaches that are famous for their snorkeling spots. Linguist Beach and Magens Bay were UNREAL. White sand. Turquoise blue water. Just so beautiful. Then on our last day we chartered a boat that took us to some of the best beaches and snorkeling areas on St. John. I think we all agreed that this was our favorite part of the trip. We went to Cinnamon Beach, and Trunk Bay which were both just so gorgeous. Then we finished off the day at Christmas Cove. We saw TONS of sea turtles here. Daniel and my dad kept swimming down to the bottom where they were hanging out and grabbing on to the back of their shells, then riding them to the surface. One of the coolest experiences ever. Sidney posted a couple video clips on her videography Insta she recently made. WARNING: you may see Dan's crack as he's swimming to the surface (LOL!!). Christmas Cove also has a dive up pizza boat where you can order pizza, then pull your boat up and eat it right out on the water. And it was delish! Such a cool idea. 

The Ritz

Linquist Beach

If you're ever in St. Thomas, eat at Iggies! Good food and such a cool atmosphere!
Finally Instagrammed our swimsuits that Triangl sent us forever ago!

Magens Bay!!
Daniel's idea...even though he looks like he's in pain! LOL
#nofilter ;) But really. It's THAT blue!

Our last morning before we flew out we had brunch at this gorgeous spot <3
So grateful that we got to come on this trip with my family. Sorry for the long post and SERIOUS picture overload (as per usual, lol). Hopefully this is helpful if you're ever visiting any of these places!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Quick Update

FYI, this post is mostly just for me, and might be TMI for anyone reading. The point of this blog is to document my life. The good and the bad. I know I'll be so happy to look back one day and remember what I was doing during these years of my life, so I want to make sure I keep a good record of what's happening.

Today I hit another bump in the road with everything that's been going on with my body.  My doctor recommended we do several tests to make sure I am totally healthy before I try getting pregnant again, and to try to reduce the chance of another miscarriage happening.  It's been a month and a half since my D & C surgery and I've still been bleeding/spotting.  Today I had a water ultrasound done where they fill my uterus with water so they can get a better visual of the shape of it, as well as anything inside that shouldn't be there. They found some tissue left over attached to the wall of my uterus which can only be removed by doing a hysteroscopy. Which means another surgery, basically. 


Isn't that what the D & C was for?! To get everything out?? 

I honestly just broke down and cried when I left the doctor's office today. 

Between all of the fun things we've been/are doing this summer, and buying a house, etc., I've been able to get my mind off of everything that happened. But there are still days where it's HARD.

But I'm continuing to get through it. It's probably a blessing that they found the tissue in there today. Hopefully it means one step closer to getting my body back on track!

Monday, July 13, 2015


For whatever reason, almost all of our fun summer plans this year just so happened to fall within the month of July. I'm obviously NOT mad about it, but I'm a little sad because it's making July go by wayyy too fast! Before I know it summer will have come and gone. August is always a really busy month for me at work, and I'm not looking forward to it. 


Here's what we've done so far this month...

1. We signed on our house!
We are officially under contract on the home we're building here in Utah. It's not a custom built home, but as with any home you build, we get to pick out all of the details and finishes! We won't move until December/January (and everyone tells us that really means more like Feb/March), but I can't wait! Here's a little peak at what the house will look like, only we went with a light grey/taupe for the stucco, with white trim, a black door and shutters, and a white garage. Clean, crisp, and modern.

2. We went on our annual Arizona/Phoenician getaway.
This is something I look forward to every year. This year my parents even came! It was so fun having our entire family there. Read about last years trip HERE. This year was spent clogging up the water slide, stuffing our faces at the hotel's daily brunch/buffet (the norm), participating in watermelon eating contests, stopping in to the ice cream shop for our daily double scoop, playing tennis (which lasted 20 minutes due to the heat), watching fireworks (holla 4th of July), and just hanging by the pool. Oh, and I also made my first "story" on snapchat. My family was so annoyed at me snapping everything we did ;)

3. I took a trip down to San Diego this past weekend for my best friend's bachelorette party.
It was the juiciest bach party I've been to for sure. Props to Bonnie for going all out. Can't wait to be one of Ruth's bridesmaids in August! 

This week Daniel and I are getting everything in order at work so that we can be ready for our vacation next week! We leave on Friday to spend 3 days in New York, then we head to St. Thomas! Honestly CANNOT wait to drop everything and just relax for 10 days. 

Can it please just be summer all year round?! I'm soaking up every little bit <3