Monday, September 28, 2015


If you know why I titled this post the above.... then we should probably be BFF's. 

This month FLEW by. September is probably my favorite time of the year to live in Utah. It's so PRETTY

Daniel and I haven't done our annual Alpine Loop drive yet this year, but we did drive up little cottonwood canyon this past weekend on our way up to Daniel's company retreat. Everything was looking SO colorful and fall-ish. 

Each year Daniel's company puts us up in a hotel at Snowbird Ski Resort for the weekend to relax in the gorgeous Utah mountains.  Daniel and I are like the only ones without kids, but it's fun because we have the freedom to go on hikes and just do whatever. 

This year his boss did something a little different that they've never done before. He picked two people from the company who have gone above and beyond and hit all their goals to send on a trip with their family! Daniel was one of them! His boss had us come up in front of everyone and announced that the company will be sending us on an all-expense paid trip to New York! It was so cool to see Daniel get recognized like that. I was so proud!

Kind of funny because I don't think his boss realized we just went to NY this summer, but it will be fun to go back again! I don't think the date is scheduled yet, but it sounds like the trip will be in the spring some time! 


We've been watching/attending lots of football games!

BYU has played in some exciting games lately (minus last week, lol). It's been so fun to watch! This game against Boise was seriously the most exciting college football game I've been to. When we got home after that game we were so excited we decided to plan a road trip down to SoCal to see them play UCLA the following weekend.  

Yep. We drove 9 hours Thursday after work, spent all day Friday at the beach, watched by brothers' high school football game, hung out all day Saturday, drove to LA to watch the 7:30pm BYU game at the Rose Bowl, then drove straight back to Utah. And slept all day at home on Sunday. Lol.

Earlier this month we also made a weekend trip down to St. George to check out Paige's in-laws' (who also treat Daniel and I like they're our in-laws) new place! It felt like summer still in that St. George HEAT.  

I also gained 5 pounds that weekend because....

Seriously the best donut I've ever eaten. Fractured Prune in St. George. GO if you're ever there or passing through. Trust me.

I haven't posted any house updates lately! Not much has happened. Our final plans are currently with the architect being drawn up.  We don't finalize our interior options until after we sign off on the structural stuff...and I'm pretty sure I'm driving our designer NUTS. You should see our email chain. I've gone back and forth about so many different options SO MANY TIMES and can't make up my mind. No doubt she thinks I'm cray.

It seems like not that much has happened lately, but I swear we've been so busy! I haven't pulled out a single fall decoration yet :(  It's on my list for this week!