Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

This year was the best Christmas ever! 

On Christmas Eve we kept to the tradition of going down to San Diego to feed the homeless. It was an awesome turnout! SO many people showed up to help and donate clothes, blankets, shoes, socks, etc. and there were a TON of homeless people lined up. This is one of my favorite traditions! Then we went to mum & papa's for their annual Christmas Eve dinner party.

My mom continued on her new tradition as of the last couple of years of having Santa give us matching Christmas jams on Christmas Eve. The guys are not fans of this tradition, but luckily my mom figured out last year that the only way she could get them to participate was to buy them basketball shorts as their pajamas ;)

Christmas day was dream...I have a few pictures that I will share in a future post coming soon!

Then the day after Christmas we celebrated my 24th (ew) birthday by going to my favorite sushi restaurant then had family and a few friends over for cake. We celebrate my birthday the exact same way every year and I love it! 

On Sunday morning, I opened my gifts then Daniel and I said our goodbyes to my fam and headed back to Utah. Best birthday present? After I had opened  my presents from Daniel (by the way, he did SO good - pants and a top from lulu, plus the cutest tunic, socks, and ring from anthro, PLUS a Nordstrom gift card just in case I didn't like any of the stuff he got, haha), he said there was one more present that "didn't come in time" and asked me to check my email. This is what I found...

And I freaked. He knows how much I love biebs but it didn't even cross my mind that he would get tickets. Best. Husband. Ever. Can't wait for April to come! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

First Ski Day of the Year!

This past Friday night when we realized we had zero plans on Saturday, we decided last minute to go skiing! It was the best day, just Daniel and I, and hardly anyone else at the resort. Funniest quote from Daniel of the day when I asked him if we could afford lunch after buying our ski tickets: "We can afford lunch, but we can't afford a cookie." (insert cry laughing emoji). It's only funny if you know Daniel's sense of humor, and you know about Deer Valley cookies. 

Love that guy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

On Sunday after church I asked Daniel if he'd take a picture of me in my "Wanna Lazy Sunday With Me" sweatshirt so I could post it on Salty. And then I threw in...can we take it up at Sundance and can we also take a picture of us holding my Merry Christmas banner? He is the very best because, guess what? He did it! He was literally so angry while taking these photos because we were using the self timer on my camera, and I would set it, then start running over to him and right before the picture would take a car would drive by. Seriously people?! Surprisingly enough, out of the 7 pictures we took, about 5 of them turned out pretty good! I had to crop out a blurred tail end of a car in two of them, but you can't even tell ;)

I'm not sending out Christmas cards...I refuse to do that until we have kids because, let's be honest, no one cares about seeing another photo of Daniel and I on their refrigerator. But I'm glad I have these photos to have just for me.

P.S. Bad planning on my part wearing a beige coat with the gold letters...

It was so pretty up at Sundance that day...the temps were high 40s (warm for winter), it was sunny, and there was still some fresh snow on the ground.

He was seriously SO mad when I begged him to take a kissing picture (insert cry laughing emoji).

Merry Christmas from Daniel and I!