Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MJ Steckling + Updates

A lot has happened in the last mont since my last post.  Do you want the good news, or the bad news first? Let's start with the good. 

I'm an auntie! My little nephew, MJ, was born on January 24th at 4:30am and my family is completely in love with him.  I got to the hospital around noon the day before when Paige got there to be induced (a week past her due date). It was a long day/night but Paige did so great and it was such an amazing experience to witness my nephew being born! Paige's husband was not too interested in being all up in the action during the actual delivery part, and Paige really didn't want him down there seeing everything anyways, so I got to be the lucky candidate who got to be right there, holding her leg and helping her push when that time came. Sidney made the most amazing video:

Since then I have basically been over at paige's house every day to see that cute boy and snuggle him. He is the sweetest, cutest baby I have ever seen! No exaggeration or prejudice judgements over here ;) I now have an album on my phone called MJ with wayy too many photos of him, haha. Here are some of my favorites from this past week:


I love being his auntie!

Now for the not so good news....I had another miscarriage :'(

This time it was not as much of a surprise. I found out I was pregnant the week of Christmas, and surprised Daniel & my family with the positive pregnancy test on Christmas morning. It was so special. We all cried and it was just the best.

When I got back to Utah I went in to the fertility center I had been going to for a blood test. My hCG levels were up, which confirmed my pregnancy. They wanted to test me again a couple of days later to make sure they were rising appropriately, and just to monitor me really closely since I had previously had a miscarriage. Well, my levels almost doubled, but not quite (they are supposed to double about every 48 hours), so they had me come back again two days later. Same thing. My hCG was rising, but not doubling. I went in every 2 days for about another week, then they wanted me to have an ultrasound done.  They saw a sac in my uterus, but said they should see a little more development than that according to how far along I was (about 6 1/2 weeks). So they scheduled a followup ultrasound a week later and saw the exact same thing, which meant another miscarriage.

I was pretty devastated, although I was prepared for that because I knew it was a possibility.  It also was such a bummer that we had told so many of our family members and friends so early on this time around. I thought the chances of another miscarriage had to be pretty low, and we were just so excited. But oh well. Hopefully that just means more prayers from more people.

The good news is I have changed doctors since my last miscarriage and I now have an amazing doctor who I really like and who is so highly recommended by a lot of people I know who have had fertility struggles. I know he'll help us figure out why this is happening and that our time will come!

In the meantime, I'll enjoy being MJ's aunt and watching and learning from Paige as she experiences motherhood for the first time. I'm not going to lie though...every time I leave that sweet boy I'm always a little sad because I want one so bad! It doesn't help that he is absolutely perfect either.

One last note....our house is finally under construction! More pics to come soon.