Thursday, March 31, 2016


Yes! Finally a house update. I really wanted to document our first home building experience better, but my life got busy & crazy and it just didn't happen. We have been SO excited about our house though. The past 6 months have flown by and I can't believe we'll be moving in 30 days!!

At the beginning it seemed like the planning process was taking so long. We would go by our lot weekly (probably more like daily) and just stare out at our gorgeous view imagining what our house would be like. Now we go by every day and there's something new they've done on our house and it's all so exciting! Today we went by and all of flooring (aside from carpet) and baseboards had been installed and I was all heart eyes over everything. 

Here are some progress photos...


This is all the insulation Daniel bought. After they had framed, our builder asked us if we were planning on insulating the inside walls of our garage. We didn't even know that was an option to do ourselves (we didn't add it as an upgrade because we didn't think it was worth it). But when our builder gave us the go-ahead Daniel decided to just insulate our entire house! Lol. They insulate any of the outer walls, but not the inside walls. Our builder only gave us one day to do it because they were dry walling the next day, so Daniel had to go over after work that day and he spent a good 4-5 hours insulating our house (in the dark with a flashlight for part of the time - why did I not get a picture?!). Did he know what he was doing? Nope. Thank goodness for YouTube!!

After dry wall went in...

And these I took today after the flooring went in (although my photos are mostly all of carpeted areas and they have the wood floors covered).

LOVE the double doors going in to our master bedroom.

This is my favorite room in our house. I love the three little windows and just imagine what a cute nursery this room would make every time I see it.

All the natural light coming in makes me so happy. In our apartment we literally have zero natural light. It's the one thing I've hated about living in our apartment the past 4.5 years. So I am so ready to let that light pour in and actually be able to have some house plants that won't die from lack of sunshine...

We feel so blessed and feel like we totally lucked out with our home. Just how it all worked out with backing out of the first home we were going to build, to finding the last open lot in our neighborhood,  and moving in to an area we LOVE.  Lately I've been thinking about how it all worked out, and I'm realizing there's a reason we landed my apartment manager job while we were in college, and I know there's a reason everything has played out the way it has. These next few months are going to be stressful to say the least...but I am anxious to see what Heavenly Father has in store for us.  

We are hoping to start infertility treatments this fall, after our big move and any summer travels we have coming up. I want to be as relaxed, and stress-free as possible before we start our first round of IVF, and we will be saving our pennies over the next 5-6 months to pay for it! Trying my hardest to trust Him and have faith in His plan. 

Hopefully more updates soon!

Monday, March 7, 2016

New York March 2016

This past weekend Daniel and I took the New York trip his work rewarded him with last September. It was such a fun, much needed trip away.  We went to New York last summer with my family and got in all the touristy stuff, so this time we didn't really have a plan and I kind of loved it!  Since it was just the two of us we didn't really need a plan and could kind of just walk around, eat, window shop, eat, people watch, eat (yes, we ate a lot, lol).

His company had the whole weekend set up as far as travel and hotel, which was so nice.  And they also made sure we didn't have to spend a penny of our own money from the food, to the subway rides we took to the entertainment, it was all covered which was SO nice.  We flew in Thursday night and had a ride waiting for us at JFK. Our hotel was in SoHo, which was a nice little area that was a little less busy, which we liked.

On Friday morning we did something that was a little crazy, but ended up being so worth it! I had tried to get tickets to the Tonight Show a month in advance when they opened up for March, but their website was having issues and, long story short, I wasn't able to get any. I thought it would have been fun, but wasn't too bummed. Well we ended up deciding last minute on Friday night that we wanted to try to get standby tickets. We took an uber to Rockefeller Center Friday morning and got there at about 5:30am. There were 7 people ahead of us in line already. We waited for 3 1/2 hours (taking turns switching off making hot chocolate runs, lol) until they finally handed out numbers, which represented what number we were in line (why we had to get there so early). It was quite the morning, but was kind of fun and we ended up making friends with the other people in line.  The Who performed, and the guy in front of us was a crazy (I mean CRAZY) fan of The Who. Like he worshiped them, not kidding. He had them tattooed on his arm and kept telling us how lucky we were that he was there because he has never missed a Who show and always somehow gets in. Guess he was right!

Anyways...after we got our ticket numbers, we headed back to our hotel and showered/got ready, then headed back out in to the city to explore. We got back to the Rockefeller Center at 3:15 where we checked in and waited in another line until just before the show started (at 5:00). At that point this girl came out and said at this point they can let in the first four people (we were 8 & 9) but that there was a chance there would still be a few more seats, so we hung tight. Then like 20 minutes later, literally right before 5pm she came back out and said there were 11 more seats! We were STOKED. Like literally jumping up & down. Haha. After getting up at 4:30am and waiting in lines for a lot of the day, we really really wanted in. 

It was so worth it and definitely the highlight of our trip! We literally cried laughing and seeing Jimmy Fallon live made me like him so much more! Such a cool guy. And Gwyneth Paltrow was one of his guests! He did a Q&A with the audience while The Who was setting up which was so cool. And at the very end of the show we got to high five him. We had a couple people send us screenshots of us on the show - we were on TV for like a second, lol. 

Lucky #9

The rest of the weekend was just spent exploring all over New York. We ate a LOT but we also walked a TON. Like my legs were sore this morning when I woke up. I told Daniel I feel like my legs got skinnier this trip but my stomach got fatter. Haha. So....abs tonight? 

Floral arch in front of Zara - had to get a pic!

Daniel said, "I think these are the stairs they ride bikes down in Mr. Deeds. Let me take a pic of you."

My "heaven"

Daniel's "heaven" - The Lego Store. You think I'm joking but I'm not. 

Central park strolls are our fav

One thing we did that was recommended by a friend was stop in to China town for foot massages. Now that was a good call. Felt amazing.  We also figured out the subway system this trip, which made us feel like we belonged in the city. Thank goodness for smart phones! 

OH! And Daniel's one request for this trip was going to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. He also needed an excuse to use the two Knicks hats he owns (we aren't even Knicks fans - he just collects hats, lol). I'm so glad he suggested we do that because it was really fun! 

Below were some of my favorite food stops:

Top left: Walnut chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery. I had heard about this place and when I looked it up on Yelp and saw the photos posted, along with the 5 star rating, I knew we had to try it. It did not disappoint! They sell them warm and the middle of the cookie is gooey and delicious. They are $4 each (they're big) and we bought 5 of them! Hahah. We went on our last day so we thought they'd stay fresh enough to take some home. 

Top right: Pinkberry. I know there's one in San Diego, and I've been a couple times, but in NY they have them everywhere and so we couldn't resist! One night after a big dinner we wanted a treat but were so full so we opted for fro-yo for a lighter option. This fro-yo is so good!! My go-to flavor is always the plain tart, but this time I added in pomegranate and it was delish! 

Bottom left: Nico de Ristorante in Little Italy. My dad texted us and said we have to go there. We did it was so yum!! We felt like we needed a nap afterwards lol.

Bottom middle: Petrossian! I talked about this place in my post from last summer, and we knew we had to go back there! We actually went twice, because we happened to be in the area again on our last day and decided to buy a few more croissants to take home (whoops). Their chocolate and apricot croissants are to die for!

Bottom right: Amorino gelato! If you get it in a cone they serve it in the shape of a flower and it's so yummy.

We felt super blessed to be sent on such a fun trip, and are grateful that we both have good jobs.  I'm so proud of Daniel and the hard worker he is! P.S. tomorrow is Dan's 26th birthday!!