Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Remember Me??

Hi! Remember me??! 

I can't believe I haven't shared ANY updates since Hawaii OR since we've moved in to our house!

A lot has happened.  I don't know where to start.

We LOVE our house first off! We love having our own place, LOVE our neighborhood and neighbors, love love LOVE our amazing view, and love our basement renters ;)  

We've done lots of projects since moving in, and our biggest project was finishing our basement so that Morgan and Sidney could move in.  They're renting from us and it's been working out great so far.  They have their own entrance, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and washer/dryer.  They have it pretty hard living in our golf course view "basement" ;)

Officially home owners!
The kitchen! We changed out the lighting and put in the backsplash - two of our first home projects!

Dante's pathway he designed and installed 100% by himself.  It goes down to our back patio where he also installed a gas fireplace and seating bench. He's the best. 

The mudroom bench we added in when you enter through the garage.

Current house project:

Yes. I'm pregnant!  I'm almost 23 weeks and so excited.  Here's a little update on my pregnancy situation: http://www.saltyblondes.com/2016/09/regans-journey-continued.html

This hasn't been your typical pregnancy, but I am trying to just enjoy every minute of it, and trust Heavenly Father.  I have surprisingly been so calm about the whole situation, and have been able to be at peace with whatever happens.  And I already love our little boy so much!

Daniel loves seeing my belly start to pop.  He also loves kissing and listening to the baby <3

This is a hideous picture of me...but I had to share.  At my first ultrasound appointment at probably 7 weeks, Daniel met me there and had donuts waiting in the car for afterwards. Just in case we got bad news (because that's happened before...). But instead we celebrated with donuts because we got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat and see that he was growing.

The day I "graduated" from the Utah Fertility Center. 9 weeks along!

10 weeks...my first appointment with my Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr.

Bumpin at 15 weeks!
18 weeks!

My pregnancy has been pretty easy so far.  I never really got sick (I didn't with my other pregnancies either and my mom and Paige also never got sick), and I've been able to work out my entire pregnancy.  I even trained for and ran a half marathon!  I took it pretty slow, but I ran the whole time and finished.  That's all that matters, right?? ;)

20 weeks exactly - the bump is hidden :)

Don't be fooled though.  I've gained a solid 15 pounds and I'm definitely feeling it. 

I can't think of anything else new right now, but I will update again soon!

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