Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

Since I am currently almost in to the 3rd trimester, I wanted to share a fun little update about my pregnancy as of late!

How Far Along: 25 and a half weeks!

Weight Gain/Loss: +20lbs (definitely never lost any weight lol)

Sleep: Pretty much fall asleep immediately after I get in bed.  I can no longer hang for a movie in bed like I used to all the time with Dan. Also, I wake up to pee at least once every night which I never used to do.

Best Moment This Week: Daniel getting to feel the baby KICK! I have tried to get him to feel the baby so many times but every time he tries the baby stops...I always felt bad but last night he was finally able to feel a couple big kicks and seeing his face was the best!

Movement: Lots of kicks and moving around

Food Cravings/Aversions: No aversions. No cravings.  I think pregnancy cravings are a myth.  Yes, I love myself a blizzard from the DQ lounge...but I did before pregnancy too ;)

What I Miss: Running! I ran my half marathon at 20 weeks then took a couple of weeks off from running.  A week or so ago I tried to go on a run with Daniel and after a mile I was DONE. I started cramping and just felt too pregnant to be running. 

Stretch Marks: Nope. I haven't been doing anything except lotion-ing up like I always do. 

Belly Button: It's starting to turn in to an outtie! So weird looking right now...

Mood: HAPPY! Nervous. Anxious. I couldn't be more grateful to be carrying this little boy, but so worried about him being healthy.  On one end I am so content with whatever the Lord has planned for Daniel and I and am prepared for the worst, but not knowing also gives me anxiety.  

Upcoming Appointments/Events: We had an appointment with the maternal fetal medicine doctor yesterday and got to see our little guy.  He is getting BIG. In 2 weeks I go in to do the glucose test and get my rhogam shot then have a followup with my OBGYN. 

What I look forward to: The holidays! I think they are going to make the last trimester fly by, and then I'll look forward to meeting our baby boy!

Workout Routine: I started going to a workout group that Sidney's BYU track coach is doing.  It is SUCH a good workout. I am sore every time.  It's so nice having a group to workout with and Sid's coach is so awesome.

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