Monday, August 28, 2017

Cabo...Six Years Married

Hello, and yes, I'm alive! I'll be honest, I don't plan on updating this blog very often.  The honest truth is that I'm just too busy and can't keep up with posting here and on Salty Blondes.  HOWEVER, I need somewhere to post all of my pictures and I do love looking back at fun memories, so I'm writing up a quick recap of mine and Daniel's 6th anniversary trip last week. 

We planned it pretty last minute and found a killer deal through Costco Travel.  We probably wouldn't have taken a trip this year with everything going on with Cal...but when my mom offered to watch him while we took a vacation, we didn't hesitate and immediately began scheming.

Cabo was perfect because it was only a two hour flight from San Diego so I felt like I was still super close to Cal if I needed to jump back on a plane and get to him (I knew that wouldn't happen, but it was good for my sanity to know that was an option).

Cal LOVES my parents.  We drove down there with a full day to get him settled at their house before we left for Cabo.  He was super happy and I knew they'd take god care of him.  

Cabo was perfection.  Just the getaway we needed.  It was super hot, but our resort was beautiful and hanging at the pool and beach all day was amazing.  I literally did not have my hand empty of a pina colada the entire time we were at the resort.  And I refuse to weigh myself until I've given myself a week of being back to normal eating, haha.

I posted most of the details of what we did on Salty Blondes, so this is mostly going to just be more pictures :)

It was so good for us to get away together.  We have so much fun when it's just the two of us, and I just feel refreshed and recharged after spending some much needed one on one time together.  

Cal has made our lives so much more fun and we love every minute with him, but I know it's also so important to make sure we keep our marriage strong and take care of each other too.  

This trip felt like a honeymoon (only with more facetime and looking through baby pictures and talking about Cal and how much we love him 80% of the time ;). 

Our snorkel tour was a lot of fun.  We debated whether we wanted to leave the resort at all, but are so glad we did this. It was only us and one other couple, and two tour guides who followed us around and took our pictures, then made us a CD with all the photos at the end.  I am the WORST at holding my breath and our guide kept telling me to swim down but I could literally only stay under for like 5 seconds at a I'm surprised he got any pictures of us underwater, haha.

Funny little story about the sea urchin I'm holding.  The little Mexican guide swam pretty far down and picked it up and handed it to Daniel first, then me.  I got a quick picture with it then started getting freaked out that it was suctioning to my hand.  I shook it off and let it fall back to towards the bottom, and the guide swam back down and got it again.  We were dying laughing. 

Lover's Beach with my LOVER FOR LIFE ^^^^

The waves at the resort were huge.  The beach was not swimmable, but Daniel, of course, had to go in at least once.  He ran in and went under really quick in between waves and tried not to get sucked out. He's such a babe (heart eyes forever).

 Barefoot Grill at our resort was dangerous.  Homemade tortillas and the best chicken quesadillas + chips & guac.  We ordered at least two of these a day.

Las tacos in Cabo San Lucas...

Cabo had the prettiest sunsets every night.

Flora Farms was incredible.  We made a reservation there for dinner our last night. We shared a cab with a couple we met at our resort and ended up eating with them. Good food and it's always fun (and makes for funny stories) getting to know new people.

Cal loved his souvenirs we brought him home. Being reunited with him was the best!!

We finished out the week and weekend in San Diego.  Happy six years to my favorite person in the world! I love you!

P.S. I haven't posted a Cal update...I will if I can find the time.  I made an instagram where I post TONS of updates so that's my Cal journal for now.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cal Daniel Gilster

I started this post a couple of weeks after Cal was born, but never got around to posting it! So, here it is almost 3 months after Cal's birth :)


Our greatest blessing and beautiful miracle baby was born! Cal Daniel Gilster, born on 1.11.17 at 8:15am, weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces, and measuring 20 inches long.

Words can't describe how much Daniel and I love our little angel, Cal. Before I forget all of the details, I wanted to quickly type out Cal's birth story.

On January 10th I had my final appointment at Utah Valley Hospital with Helen Feltovich, my Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor.  We LOVE Helen and are so grateful we had her to watch and monitor Cal throughout my pregnancy.  Up until then all of my ultrasounds had been normal.  Since we knew there was a chance Cal would be born with an unbalanced translocation, Helen looked at everything very, very closely each time we saw her.  We never saw any abnormalities with any of his major organs, or any physical features that were worrisome.  However, at this appointment on January 10th, the ultrasound tech thought she saw something abnormal with Cal's heart. 

Helen came in and took a look, but did not seem too worried.  She called up the pediatric cardiologist at Primary Children's hospital in Salt Lake, just to be sure.  He took a look at the ultrasound images, and did not see anything that should worry us.  Well...guess what? I was still worried.

I started panicking a little and could not control my emotions (hormones).  I broke down in tears.  Helen asked me what was wrong and I told her how I was feeling.  She told me she thought we just needed to get this baby here so we could see him and just know.  She asked me if I wanted to be right then, that day! She also said she wanted me to deliver at Utah Valley instead of American Fork, which is where my OB delivers. 

I was a little surprised by that, and didn't feel ready (bags were only partially packed, I had come from the gym and hadn't showered, and I wanted my parents there).  I asked if I could come back and be induced on Monday instead (to give my parents time to get there and so that I could finish out that week at work - this was on a Tuesday, so I wanted to wait until the following Monday).  She said that would be fine, but wanted to do a pelvic exam.

Well, I was dilated to a 4 and 100% effaced when she checked me.  She said Cal's head was so low she could feel it, and as soon as she checked me I started bleeding. She said I may not have the option to wait until Monday because I might already be going in to labor!

She sent me up to labor and delivery so they could monitor me for an hour...which turned in to three hours.  By then I was dilated to a 5 and they told me I was in active labor and that I wouldn't be going home that night. 

It all happened so fast, I couldn't believe it.  I was 37 weeks, so not super early, but I just thought I would go past my due date, if anything, since Paige went a week past her due date with MJ.

I begged my nurses to let me at least go home and shower (came from the gym and did NOT look cute). They said I couldn't leave, but Daniel ran home to get all my stuff and they let me shower in my hospital room bathroom, but said I had to be quick.

While I was in the shower I started feeling the contractions a little more. As soon as I got out and back in my robe they wanted me to get back in bed so they could monitor me and the baby.  Luckily Sid came to the rescue and blow dried my hair for me :)

Once I was dilated to a 6 I could really feel the contractions.  It wasn't unbearable, but I wanted the epidural before I got to that point.  The anesthesiologist came and gave me my epidural (which was a piece of cake).  It kicked in almost immediately and I felt great! Except I hated that I couldn't lift my legs. It just freaked me out.  They felt like 100 pound weights.

At about 9:00pm my doctor came by.  It was a doctor I had never met since my OB didn't deliver at that hospital, but once he said his name it sounded so familiar.  I texted my friend and asked if that was her doctor because I thought I remembered her telling me his name.  She said it was and that she looooved him.  I was so relieved and happy that I got a good doctor.  He ended up being so great!

Anyways, he came by and introduced himself and checked on me.  Sid, Morgan, Paige and Daniel were all in my room with me.  Sid asked if he thought the baby would come before the morning, and he said since it was my first baby, probably not.  They all wanted to stay, but I told them to go home and sleep and that I would call them when I got closer.

Daniel slept on the couch/bed in my room with me, and actually got a really good night's sleep! In fact, a couple times I would try getting his attention if I needed more ice chips or something (lol) and he wouldn't budge. I'm glad he was able to sleep though because it ended up being a long night! I hardly slept at all :( Also I was starving because I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast! Once they sent me upstairs to be monitored they wouldn't let me eat anything.

At about 6am the nurses had their shift change and we were introduced to the new nurse.  She checked me and by then I was basically dilated to a 10.  It was almost time to start pushing!

I called my sisters and they came back over.  They held my legs while I pushed.  Daniel had his go pro set up on the shelf behind my bed and got some classic footage of Paige and Sidney pushing so hard against my legs while I pushed.  Idk why they thought they had to push against my legs, but later the doctor came in and told them they just needed to hold my legs...not push against them.  he said I may be a little sore from that later on...we had a good laugh.  The pushing didn't last super long, but I did end up getting sick and was throwing up.  They gave me a bag to throw up in.  Not cute. 

Cal was born at 8:15am. Because we knew there was a chance he might have some chromosomal things going on, and no one really knew what that meant, there were NICU doctors and nurses in the room ready for anything. I heard his sweet little cry once, but then he wasn't breathing on his own and the doctors started working on him right away. 

I was honestly pretty out of it at that point.  I was happy I heard Cal cry, so I just figured everything was fine, and Daniel kept going back and forth between my bedside and Cal and telling me he was fine.  I could see Paige and Sidney's faces.  They kept saying how cute he was, but I could see worry on their faces too.

The doctors handed Cal to me and I held him for about 10 seconds then they wisped him away.  

puffy cheeks from all the emotions (lots of tears, this was right after we had found out about Cal's heart abnormalities and they told us there was a change he would need surgery). this was in my recovery room downstairs.

Cal spent about 8 weeks in the NICU. I kept a journal while he was there to remember the details.  I'll save that blog post for another time.

He's home now and we are enjoying every second spent with him.  We feel so lucky he's ours and never imagined it was possible to love someone so much!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Can't Wait to Meet You!

We are getting so close! I'm currently 37 weeks and SO ready to meet baby Gilster.  We have pretty much everything ready and think we have his name picked out, but we'll wait until we see him to know for sure :)

I had an appointment this week, and was dilated to THREE CENTIMETERS and was 90% effaced.  The week before I was only dilated 1cm and my doctor said usually 1/2 a cm each week is normal.  He was surprised to see I had dilated another 2 within a week! I think it's all the tennis I played with my family while they were up here.  I was having a ton of contractions afterwards. My doctor said he doesn't think I'll make it to my due date, which I would be totally fine with :)

Baby's room is all ready for him and last night we set up his bassinet where he'll sleep for the first few months.  We'll move it next to our bed but for now it looks cute waiting for him in the corner of our room :)

My favorite room in the house!

Here's a few bump pics from this last week and then I'll share some pictures from Christmas...

Trying on the lulu joggers Daniel got me for my birthday...

 One of my hospital robes from Pink Blush!

Me at the movies last night with my giant popcorn and drink.  Daniel LOVES capturing pictures of me with my food.  He says it's when I'm my happiest LOL

And as we were leaving, I didn't think I could still zip this jacket but...I got it! SUPER attractive 

New Years Eve in Deer Valley.  This was a special one for us.  One of the best years yet!

Aaaaand sorry this post is a little out of order, but here's a little Christmas recap...

On our flight to San these moments and can't wait to share them with my little guy <3

 Doing a little Christmas shopping with MJ.  he loves soft and cozy things...I wanted to get this for him but it was $100. Thanks Nordy's...

Christmas Eve in our traditional matching PJ's

Cutest boy on Christmas morning! It was SO fun spending Christmas with MJ.  Next year will be even better with him AND his cousin who will be exactly MJ's age now! They'll be almost exactly a year apart. 

And finally...we sent my brothers off to the MTC where they'll spend 6 weeks before heading to Argentina on their missions! I made a blog for them like I did for Sidney where I'll post all of their emails.  They are doing great!

Next time I post it will probably be about baby Gilster's arrival! Can't wait to meet you buddy!