Thursday, January 5, 2017

Can't Wait to Meet You!

We are getting so close! I'm currently 37 weeks and SO ready to meet baby Gilster.  We have pretty much everything ready and think we have his name picked out, but we'll wait until we see him to know for sure :)

I had an appointment this week, and was dilated to THREE CENTIMETERS and was 90% effaced.  The week before I was only dilated 1cm and my doctor said usually 1/2 a cm each week is normal.  He was surprised to see I had dilated another 2 within a week! I think it's all the tennis I played with my family while they were up here.  I was having a ton of contractions afterwards. My doctor said he doesn't think I'll make it to my due date, which I would be totally fine with :)

Baby's room is all ready for him and last night we set up his bassinet where he'll sleep for the first few months.  We'll move it next to our bed but for now it looks cute waiting for him in the corner of our room :)

My favorite room in the house!

Here's a few bump pics from this last week and then I'll share some pictures from Christmas...

Trying on the lulu joggers Daniel got me for my birthday...

 One of my hospital robes from Pink Blush!

Me at the movies last night with my giant popcorn and drink.  Daniel LOVES capturing pictures of me with my food.  He says it's when I'm my happiest LOL

And as we were leaving, I didn't think I could still zip this jacket but...I got it! SUPER attractive 

New Years Eve in Deer Valley.  This was a special one for us.  One of the best years yet!

Aaaaand sorry this post is a little out of order, but here's a little Christmas recap...

On our flight to San these moments and can't wait to share them with my little guy <3

 Doing a little Christmas shopping with MJ.  he loves soft and cozy things...I wanted to get this for him but it was $100. Thanks Nordy's...

Christmas Eve in our traditional matching PJ's

Cutest boy on Christmas morning! It was SO fun spending Christmas with MJ.  Next year will be even better with him AND his cousin who will be exactly MJ's age now! They'll be almost exactly a year apart. 

And finally...we sent my brothers off to the MTC where they'll spend 6 weeks before heading to Argentina on their missions! I made a blog for them like I did for Sidney where I'll post all of their emails.  They are doing great!

Next time I post it will probably be about baby Gilster's arrival! Can't wait to meet you buddy!

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